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Contenido de Human Sphere & Paradiso
This page contains second edition content from Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso.

Civvies are non-combatant figures that, during the game, can be moved by one or more players. They lack Orders or an Order Reserve of their own. They are miniatures that do not have an active turn, and are always reactive in the turns of all players. Civvies only react in base to base contact (See below) unless the scenario states otherwise.

Civvies can be Neutrals or Hostiles. The Hostile civvies will have a Hostile Marker. Those civvies marked this way will be considered Hostiles for all players, unless the scenario states otherwise.

Civvies can be synchronized with a player’s troops to move them through the battlefield. To do this, it is required that a trooper be in base contact with the Civilian, and, after spending 1 Short Skill, succeed at a Modified Normal WIP-3 Roll. If this is successful, the Civilian is synchronized with the trooper, applying the rules of G: Synchronized to move with him (Replacing the word “Remote” by “Civilian”).

The exceptions applied to Civvies regarding the G: Synchronized rule are that, once synchronized, they never perform attacks, and they do not have G: Remote Presence.

However, if the trooper fails the roll, the Civilian will flee in panic, disengaging automatically from Close Combat and moving 2 inches. To determine in which direction the Civilian moves it is necessary to apply the Dispersion rule. The centre of the Circular Template will be placed over where the Civilian is, with the number 1 pointing at the centre of the game table and the second digit of the failed roll indicating where the figure will move to.

Civvies cannot be synchronized with Remotes and Impetuous figures.

A figure only can synchronize with those Civvies not already synchronized and those Immobilized because their synchronization has been broken (Because their Controllers are Unconscious, dead, hacked, affected by E/M Ammunition or have turned Impetuous by Frenzy, Inspiring Leadership…).

The maximum number of civvies a figure can have synchronized at the same time is 2.

If the Civilian is Hostile (HOSTILE), it is necessary to succeed at a Normal WIP-6 Roll to synchronize it. If the roll is failed, then the Civilian will attack automatically, performing a Normal CC Roll, applying Damage PH-2, if he is successful. This roll can be made by an opposing player.

FAQ de Human Sphere & Paradiso

In 3rd Ed, Hostile Civilians no longer possess the ability to carry out Attacks. Instead, they behave much like Neutral Civilians, only more reticent to cooperate.

In 3rd Ed, Civilians, both Hostile and Neutral, are not regarded as Enemies. Consequently, they do not trigger Deployable Equipment or Weapons.

In some scenarios, Hostile civvies can be mixed with Neutral ones, being indistinguishable from them. In such cases, when in base contact with a Civilian, it is necessary to roll 1d20 on the following table, to know which category he belongs to. Once the roll is made, the Modifier to synchronize the Civilian will be known, and the Hostile Marker (HOSTILE) will be placed if necessary. The chart can vary depending on the scenario.


d20 Type of Civvie
1-10 Neutral
11-20 Hostile

To kill a Civilian means a Victory Points loss for a player. Each Civilian killed applies a VP penalty equal to 20% of the total Army Points of the army who killed him.


A player with a 300 point army who kills 1 Civilian will suffer a penalty of 60 Victory Points, which will be subtracted from those Victory Points gained by causing casualties to the enemy. If, at the end of the battle, that player has 180 Victory Points from causing casualties to his adversary, he must subtract those 60 points for killing Civilians. Therefore, his final Victory Point total will be only 120.

If a player has a 100 point army, and kills 1 Civilian, then he would suffer a penalty of 20 Victory Points from any gained through causing casualties.

Civvies can activate Deployable Weapons and Equipment (Mines, E/Mauler, CrazyKoala...) but the player must remember that if he allows them to activate and they die, he will suffer a penalty. The use of Civvies as human shields will be punished as well, applying the same penalty even if they are not killed.


- Applying the Rules for using Civvies, what happens if a Camouflage, TO, Impersonation, Holoprojector or similar Marker tries to synchronize with a Civil?

The Marker is automatically revealed and the miniature replaces it.

- Applying the Fireteam Rules, what happens if a member of a Fireteam tries to synchronize with a Civil?

If that member is not the Link Leader of the Fireteam then that figure is automatically out of the Fireteam.

If that member is the Link Leader of the Fireteam then the Civil is can be synchronized normally, and if successes, the Civil will be sychronized to that figure. However, the Civil can not be accounted as part of the Fireteam to calculate the number of members it has. For example, a 4-members Fireteam with a synchronized Civil can not be considered as a 5-members Fireteam.