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Smoke Special Ammunition is a non-lethal ammunition used to block enemy lines of fire, allowing allied forces to advance and maneuver. This type of ammunition is governed by special rules.




  • Smoke Special Ammunition generates a Zero Visibility Zone (see: Special Terrain, Visibility Conditions) the size of a Circular Template and with infinite height.
  • The Smoke Template remains on the table until the end of the Player Turn in which it was placed.
  • Smoke Special Ammunition is a non-offensive ammunition, so it does not require an enemy—or, in fact, any trooper at all—as a target, and can be thrown at any point on the table.
  • Shooting or throwing Smoke Special Ammunition is a Special Dodge.
  • Critical hits with Smoke Special Ammunition have no additional effect.

Smoke and Special Dodge

Unlike other Special Ammunition, Smoke can be used to avoid enemy Attacks, but only if those Attacks require LoF and a Roll, and their LoF is blocked by the Smoke Circular Template being placed.

Smoke has the special property of being able to stop an Attack in the same Order it was declared. For this reason, using this Special Ammunition is a Special Dodge.

However, a trooper who throws Smoke in ARO cannot move up to 2 inches the way a normal Dodge would allow.

Bear in mind that Special Dodge and the Dodge Skill are different things with different rules.

Smoke and Template Weapons

The fact that using Smoke is a Special Dodge affects the rules governing Template Weapons in two separate ways:

  • When, as part of an Order or ARO, the trooper throwing Smoke is facing off against several enemies, his Roll is used against all eligible Face to Face Attack Rolls, but he will need to win every single Face to Face Roll in order to leave the Smoke Template on the table.
  • Enemies affected by the Area of Effect of the Smoke Template that declare Dodge as an ARO to abandon said Area of Effect make a Normal Roll and not a Face to Face Roll against the Smoke-throwing trooper.

Smoke and Speculative Fire

Certain weapons that use Smoke Special Ammunition allow the user to use the Speculative Fire Common Skill. In that case, the Common Skill Speculative Fire works normally, even though it is a Special Dodge and not an Attack.

Smoke and Surprise Shot

This Ammunition is usable as part of a Surprise Shot despite being a Special Dodge.

Example of Impact Template weapons and Smoke

In his Active Turn, a Shaolin Monk decides to lob a Smoke Grenade at a few Fusiliers in order to sneak up on them. The Shaolin declares a Special Dodge with his Smoke Grenade and places the Template on the table. A total of 3 Fusiliers are affected by the Template's Area of Effect.
Two of them declare BS Attack as their ARO against the Shaolin's declaration. This means there are two Face to Face BS Rolls against the one PH Roll made by the Shaolin.
The third Fusilier does not have LoF to the Shaolin but, being affected by the Area of Effect, he can react with a Dodge in ARO. He declares Dodge so that, if he passes his Roll, he can move outside the Template. In this situation, the Fusilier must make a Normal PH-3 Roll to Dodge.
The dice roll, and the Shaolin does better than the two firing Fusiliers, so he gets to leave his Smoke Circular Template on the table and avoid both attacks.
Meanwhile, the Dodging Fusilier passes his Normal PH-3 Roll and moves 2 inches to get outside the Circular Template.
Imagine that one of the Fusiliers who declared a BS Attack loses his Face to Face Roll against the Shaolin, but the other Fusilier who declared a BS Attack wins it. In that case, the Shaolin would avoid the first Fusilier's Attack, but would be forced to make an ARM Roll by the second Fusilier's BS Attack. In addition, the owner of the Shaolin would have to remove the Smoke Template from the table.

Smoke is a non-harmful form of munition with extensive tactical applications. From visual signaling, to defense, to offensive uses, Smoke can be a soldier's best friend or his worst enemy. Smoke screens are routinely employed to conceal allied movement and maneuvers in exposed or otherwise sensitive areas. Smoke clouds can as easily cloak the advance of assault troops as a tactical withdrawal. However, the most effective use of smoke is in joint operations with 'seek and destroy' or high offensive profile units, using it as a key element to blind the enemy while eliminating high-priority targets by using Multispectral Visors.