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The Fast Panda is a self-propelled hacking range amplifier designed for short-range remote deployment to key areas of the battlefield.

FastPanda Skill

Attack, Disposable (1), Comms Equipment, Deployable.

In the Reactive Turn, LOF with the Active trooper is required.

  • By expending one Short Skill or one ARO, without any Rolls needed, the user of this piece of Equipment can deploy the FastPanda model a maximum of 8 inches from his base.
  • To deploy a FastPanda, place it next to the user's base and then move it as if it had declared the Short Movement Skill Move with one single MOV value of 8 inches.
  • FastPandas are placed at the Conclusion of the Order.
  • The Short Skill Deploy FastPanda is an Attack.
  • Enemies can react in ARO to the declaration in Active Turn of the Short Skill Deploy FastPanda, but only against the figure activated by the Order and not against the FastPanda itself, as troopers cannot react to a FastPanda.
  • The FastPanda is a piece of Equipment that contains a Repeater.
  • Once deployed, the FastPanda becomes a static element and cannot move or be moved.
  • A deployed FastPanda remains on the table until the end of the game or until it is destroyed.

FastPanda Profile

8 0 0 1 0


FastPanda Example

During her Active Turn, the wicked Interventor Morgana is standing inside a room when she decides to Deploy FastPanda to place it outside. However, the Nomad Interventor forgot that the door is a Security Gate and requires one Short Skill to open. The FastPanda can do nothing except the one Short Movement Skill Move, so when it reaches base to base contact with the door it cannot continue. To the chagrin of the wicked Morgana, the FastPanda remains deployed by the door.

Had the Security Gate been open, the FastPanda would have moved up to its MOV 8 and deployed where the Interventor wanted. Even if there had been several enemies with LoF to the FastPanda as it dashed to its resting point, none of them could have reacted against it, since it is not a figure activated by an Order but a piece of Equipment. However, all enemies with LoF to Morgana could have reacted to her declaring Deploy FastPanda.

The unquestionable value of Repeaters in the modern Infowar environment has only underscored the need for safer deployment methods. Recent advances in the field of robotics have made it possible to manufacture pseudo-humanoid devices with limited off-road mobility. The ADRD-02 (Autonomous-Deployment Repeater Device) designed by PraxiTec and manufactured under license by a number of companies Spherewide, is undoubtedly the most recognizable model thanks to its effective use in the hands of the Nomad Military Force. Following cost-of-production criteria, and due to the dominant paradigm that these devices are disposable once deployed, PraxiTec decided on a low-capacity, high-output battery for its design. The limited range propulsive unit is depleted after its first ignition, making the delivery system effectively one-use only. The speed with which the ADRD-02 reaches its designated location, coupled with the pudgy design and the black and white pattern of the test units, made the Nomad military researchers come up with the iconic code name that has spread so fast across the Human Sphere.