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A berserk trooper is overcome with bloodlust or such single-minded determination that all concern for personal safety is cast aside in an attempt to annihilate the opponent.

Optional, CC Special Skill.

The user must enter or be in base to base contact with an enemy. This Special Skill can be used in both Active and Reactive Turns.

  • The user of this CC Special Skill can choose between two CC Combat Modes, as shown in the Berserk Chart.
  • The user can choose to use either CC Combat Mode, but not both, as their effects do not combine.
  • When declaring the use of Berserk, the user can only choose one CC Combat Mode.
  • The player must indicate to his adversary which CC Combat Mode will be in use when he declares the use of Berserk.
Nombre MOD MOD MOD MOD Tipo de Especial
Ataque Oponente Daño Ráfaga Daño
Berserk Attack +6 0 0 0 -- *
Assault -3 0 0 0 -- **

NOTE*: Turns the Face to Face Roll into a Normal Roll. Both troopers make a Normal Roll, instead of the usual Face to Face Roll. Whoever declares an Attack and passes their Normal Roll forces the enemy to make an ARM Roll, and as a result both combatants may suffer Damage. NOTE**: Allows the user to use the Assault Special Skill.

Example of Berserk Attack
A Highlander from the 45th Highlander Rifles is in base to base contact with a Svalarheima Nisse. The Highlander declares a CC Attack with his Berserk Special Skill, so he applies the effects of Berserk Attack. The Nisse declares a CC Attack in response. Due to the special effect of Berserk Attack, they both make one Normal CC Roll and not a Face to Face Roll with their CC as they would normally. However, the Highlander can add the +6 MOD to his CC provided by his Berserk Attack. If both were to pass their respective Normal CC Rolls, they would each have to make an ARM Roll.