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In game terms, all troops occupy an unvarying volume on the table. This volume is cylinder-shaped, with its width determined by the base size and its height by the type of troop.

Silhouette Templates are a game aid designed to help players determine the in-game volume and height of a troop.

If doubts about the volume of a troop arise during a game, players can use the Silhouette Templates to decide exactly what cylinder-shaped space it takes up on the game table.

Silhouette Templates
The in-game volume of a troop is always a cylinder, so any part of the model that juts out of the perimeter of its base is ignored for game purposes.

Depending on their unit type, troops have in their Profile an Attribute called Silhouette (S) that indicates which Silhouette Template they should use.


Silhouette Sizes

S ATTRIBUTE SIZE (base width x height)
1 25x25mm
2 25x40mm
3 40x32mm
4 55x32mm
5 40x45mm
6 40x55mm
7 55x67mm
8 70x70mm


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Are these two miniatures in base to base contact?
A: Yes, as their Silhouette Volumes are touching each other.


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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Can any trooper pass through a Narrow Gate in a Prone State?
A: Yes, because prone troopers have a Silhouette value of 0, so they fulfil the Requirements to pass through the Narrow Gate.
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