Urugan MRL

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Human Sphere N3 Content.

A Multiple Rocket Launcher designed to exterminate the enemy by saturation of firepower.

This weapon possesses three different Shooting Modes from which players can choose.

Blast Mode possess the Impact Template (Circular) Trait and can perform Speculative Fire. Guided Mode possess the Guided Trait besides the Impact Template (Circular) Trait, but with a lower Burst value. Both of these Modes apply AP and Shock Special Ammunitions across the whole Area of Effect of the Template. The Hit Mode lacks the Impact Template Trait, but it possesses a higher Damage value.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Uragan MRL (Blast Mode) 0-8" 0 8-16" +3 16-40" -3 40-48" -6 14 3 AP + Shock Burst: Single Target, Impact Template (Circular), Non-Lootable, Speculative Fire
Uragan MRL (Guided Mode) -- -- -- -- 14 1 AP + Shock Guided, Impact Template (Circular), Non-Lootable
Uragan MRL (Hit Mode) 0-8" 0 8-16" +3 16-40" -3 40-48" -6 15 3 AP + Shock Burst: Single Target, Non-Lootable

The Uragan (Ураган, which means "Hurricane" in Russian) is a low cost, fast production artillery weapon designed to face armored elements and provide counter-battery fire. The offensive concept of the Uragan is to rain armor-piercing fire on a given target. It consists of a double mounted multiple launcher based on a mobile platform. It possesses an automatic self-loading system and a fire correction device, archaic but still effective. An Uragan is acquired by armies desiring mobile, low maintenance, direct fire, non-hackable artillery.