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  • Automatic in the Deployment Phase.
  • Automatic during the game when the user of CH: TO Camouflage cancels his Hidden Deployment state by declaring a Skill that does not reveal him as a model.
  • During their Active Turn, troopers with CH: TO Camouflage may revert to the TO Camouflaged state by expending one Entire Order while outside enemy LoF.


  • While Camouflaged, troopers are not represented by a model on the table but by a TO Camouflage Marker (TO CAMO).
  • Troopers cannot enter base to base contact with aTO Camouflage Marker.
  • Enemies cannot declare Attacks against a trooper in the TO Camouflaged state without previously Discovering that trooper, or declaring Intuitive Attack.
  • In order to Discover a TO Camouflaged trooper, the enemy must pass a Discover Roll with a -6 MOD.

If an enemy successfully Discovers your TO Camouflaged trooper, replace the TO Camouflage Marker (TO CAMO) with the trooper's model facing in the direction of your choice.

  • If an enemy fails his Discover Roll, that enemy cannot attempt to Discover the same TO Camouflaged trooper until the next Active or Reactive Turn.
  • In his Active Turn only, a trooper in the TO Camouflaged state may use the Surprise Attack Special Skill.
  • In his Active Turn only, a trooper in the TO Camouflaged state may use the Surprise Shot L1 Special Skill to declare a BS Attack or a Hacking Attack that benefits from the Surprise Shot L1 MODs.
  • TO Camouflage Markers (TO CAMO) have a 360˚ LoF.
  • TO Camouflage Markers (TO CAMO) retain the Silhouette (S) values printed on their troop profiles.
  • If the TO Camouflage Marker is concealing a piece of Equipment with the CH: TO Camouflage Special Skill, its Silhouette (S) value is 2.
  • This state does not affect Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment, which still works as usual.


  • A trooper's TO Camouflaged state is canceled, and its Marker replaced by its model, whenever:
    • The TO Camouflaged trooper declares a Skill other than Cautious Movement or a Short Movement Skill that does not require a Roll (except Alert).
    • Following the previous, the TO Camouflaged trooper declares a Surprise Attack or a Surprise Shot.
    • The TO Camouflaged trooper enters base to base contact with a model.
    • The TO Camouflaged trooper is Discovered.
    • The TO Camouflaged trooper receives a successful hit that forces him to make an ARM/BTS Roll, or a Critical hit, without previous Discovery (by means of an Intuitive Attack, a Template Weapon whose target was a nearby model, etc.).
    • The TO Camouflaged trooper becomes Impetuous (due to the Frenzy Characteristic or any other effect) or enters Retreat! state In either case, the trooper's CH Level is downgraded to CH: Mimetism. The trooper recovers his original CH Level when the Retreat! situation is canceled. However, the trooper does not revert to the TO Camouflaged state. To regain the TO Camouflaged state, the trooper must follow the Activation rules.
  • Whenever the TO Camouflaged state is canceled, replace the TO Camouflage Marker (TO CAMO) with the trooper's model, facing whatever direction the owning player chooses.
  • When you replace one of your Markers with a model, you are required to share all Open Information relative to that trooper.
  • The cancellation of the TO Camouflaged state is applied to the whole declared Order. So, if a Camouflaged trooper declares a Move + BS Attack Order, he will be considered discovered all along his Movement, even if the BS Attack would be performed at the end of that Movement.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: Is it obligatory to declare that the ARO is delayed when waiting for the second Skill when a troop in Camouflage or Impersonation State is activated?
A: Yes, it is obligatory.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Can Camouflage Markers be indirectly hit by Templates Weapons? How does this interact with Impersonation?
A: If you hit an enemy trooper not in Camouflaged state and there is an enemy Camouflage Marker inside the Area of Effect of the Template, then the Camouflage Marker would be affected too. However, with an Impersonation Marker you can not declare the Attack because it counts as a friendly trooper.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.4, Sep 2018
Q: Is the Combat Group of a Marker (Camouflaged, TO Camouflaged, IMP-1, IMP-2...) Open or Private Information?
A: It is Open Information.
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