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Human Sphere N3 Content.

The SymbioBomb is a single use piece of equipment that allows its owner, in whose Trooper Profile the SymbioBomb is listed, to assign it to a trooper in the same Army List, called the user, in order to provide additional attack and support advantages

Deployable, Non-Lootable, Optional, Prior Deployment
  • During the Deployment Phase, one SymbioBomb is assigned to a trooper with Symbiont Armor, and it is placed in base to base contact with that trooper on the game table.
  • By expending one Short Skill it allows its user to use one Pheroware Tactic.
  • The SymbioBomb will be removed from the game table at the end of the Order in which it has been activated.
  • SymbioBombs apply the General Game Conditions of the SymbioMates.

SymbioBomb Game Example:

During the Deployment Phase, the Tohaa Player assigns its Kaeltar Specialist's SymbioBombs to a Sakiel and to a Gorgos, which already has a SymbioMate.

Symbiotech developed by the Tohaa has allowed them to design symbiont creatures that serve as a singular platform for many Pheroware variants. However, the stress these small and frail creatures have to endure when activating their different Pheroware variants turns them into one use only resources. To the Tohaa troopers, used to use-and-throw-away symbiont tools, the chubby and likeable aspect of the SymbioBombs is no excuse to not detonate them. The combat versatility and effectiveness of the SymbioBombs overcomes any qualms that they might have when sacrificing them in exchange for a tactical advantage.

Attack Tactics Support Tactics
Endgame First Aid
Eraser Mirrorball
Hellzone Nimbus Sphere
Pandemonium Revitalis



N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.3, Oct 2017
Q: When are the Symbiomates or SymbioBombs assigned?
A: They are assigned at the moment that you deploy the trooper whose profile includes the SymbioMates or SymbioBombs is deployed.
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