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Many of the core mechanics of Infinity have changed. Here is a summary.


  • There are explicit lists of Public and Private Information.
  • Long Skills have been renamed to Entire Order Skills or Entire Orders.
  • Clearer naming of game time: 1 Game Round = 2 Player Turns (one per player), with each Player Turn having distinct Tactical, Impetuous and Orders phases.


  • Ranges are measured from base edge to base edge.
  • Line of Fire now uses cylinders to determine the volume a model takes up. Fixed size silhouette templates are now used.
  • Zone of Control now uses a cylindrical volume, measured from the edge of the base.


  • Tied rolls in a FtF roll now cancel each other.
  • Critical v critical in a FtF roll also cancel out.
  • Attributes of 20+ now add the amount over 20 to the die roll, with any result of 20+ being a crit. So CC25 would mean adding 5 to the die roll for a minimum result of 6.


  • The maximum level modifiers can now stack to is +/- 12.
  • BTS appear as positive numbers in the troop profiles.
  • Partial Cover must now cover 1/3 of the model's volume. (Silhouette templates can be used to help work this out.)
  • Falling Damage is now by multiples of the first MOV value and works like Fire ammo in that you keep making ARM rolls until you succeed at one.
  • Dispersion rules only apply to Airborne Deployment and Impersonation. It is always 16 inches, with a second roll to determine direction. Weapons like grenades no longer disperse, they either hit or do nothing.


  • Using your Lieutenant Order automatically identifies your Lieutenant.
  • Loss of Lieutenant now makes all models Irregular for that turn, but at the end of the turn you get to privately nominate a new Lieutenant without spending any Orders.


  • Impetuous is divided into Extreme Impetuous and Impetuous. They are identical apart from cancelling the Impetuous Order. 'Normal' Impetuous can cancel it freely, Extreme Impetuous needs a Regular Order to cancel it.
  • Impetuous troops can never claim Partial Cover bonuses, even after the Impetuous Order.
  • Movement during Impetuous Orders is more clearly described and is harsher.
  • The Impetuous Order has a limited list of skills that you can perform. Movement is always full and towards the enemy (even if declaring Move + Move) unless reduced by enemy contact or difficult terrain.

Close Combat

  • Close Combat now has a Burst, modifiable by Special Skills and friendly troops in CC.


There are now multiple conditions for ending the game depending on the type of game:

  • Retreat Mode (standard game mode) ends when all models are dead or have moved off-table, with models that moved off counting towards the player's surviving VPs.
  • Retreat is now 75% for all forces.
  • Sudden Death Mode ends at the end of any player turn where either player is down to 25% or lower.
  • Scenario Mode as per that specific scenario.
  • Limited Timed Mode has a time limit for the game and for each player turn.


These are a completely new mechanic in N3.

Players now have 4 Command Tokens per game. The Advanced Command skill can increase this. You may spend them (usually in the active turn) for different things:

Strategic use:

  • In the first turn, if you go second you can spend a single Command Token to ["either"] remove two Regular Orders from the opponent's Order Pool ["or"] to limit their Command Token spending to one.

Tactical use:

  • Coordinated Order requires 1 Regular Order and a Command Token. One troop (the "spearhead") has it's Burst halved, the others drop to B1.
  • Turn an Irregular Order Regular for one turn.
  • Move one trooper permanently between Combat Groups (Combat Group limits still apply).
  • Have a trooper ignore Retreat! state for the rest of the game.
  • Automatically succeed of fail a Guts roll.
  • Reroll a failed Doctor roll on a model with a Cube.
  • Reroll a failed Engineer roll on a model with G: Remote Presence.
  • Cancel the Possessed state of a TAG.


Troopers can be in many different conditions such as immobilized, unconscious etc. These are now distinct States in N3, each with it's own effects and ways of being triggered and cancelled. There are many Game States.

  • Isolated troopers become Irregular, cannot have Regular Orders spent on them, cannot use comms-based items like Hacking devices or Repeaters and if it's the Lieutenant then the force will be in Loss of Lieutenant.
  • Marked state provides a +3 modifier to enemy BS Attack or Hacking rolls, lets Guided Mode weapons fire at the target and ignores the -6 MOD for Speculative Shot against the target.
  • Retreat! - troops in retreat can move, Dodge and Reset, but the force counts as being in Loss of Lieutenant (and therefore Irregular). However, troops no longer become Impetuous toward their table edge. The Impetuous Phase of the Player Turn is not applied, so those Extremely Impetuous, Impetuous, and Frenzy troopers cannot use their Impetuous Order.
  • Dogged can be activated when a trooper would fall Unconscious in either active or reactive turn. Once activated, the model cannot be healed in any way and will automatically die at the end of the player turn or if it suffers more damage.
  • Suppressive Fire State:
  • Only weapons that have the Suppressive Fire trait can be used.
  • Entering Suppressive Fire state is an Entire Order and doesn't include any shots.
  • A new range profile is used instead of the original weapon profile.
  • Burst 3 in reaction.
  • Any FtF rolls against a trooper in Suppressive Fire suffer a -3 penalty.
  • There is no Suppression Fire corridor, just the 24" range limit and the trooper's LoF.
  • The usual limits on AROs apply, so only one model of a Coordinated Order, Fireteam etc. can be reacted to.
  • Any other ARO drops Suppressive Fire.
  • Suppressive Fire does not end at the start of your turn.



Changes to Existing Common Skills

  • Change Facing now requires a PH-3 roll and is only triggered by active troopers in ZoC or by other troopers using an Alert ARO. However the PH-3 roll acts as a Dodge roll against incoming attacks.
  • Jump and Climb are now Entire Orders, move the first MOV rate and don't require a roll. Troopers cannot claim Partial Cover while Jumping or Climbing.
  • Dodge is now a fixed 2" move in ARO, the modifier for Remotes and Motorcycles is -3 and for TAGs is -6.
  • Intuitive Attack - the WIP roll does not have any modifiers and becomes a FtF if the targets react towards the attacker. A critical in the WIP Roll inflicts a direct Wound to the main target with other troopers affected making ARM or BTS rolls as normal.
  • Movement requires total contact with the surface and enough space for the width of the base. Models are moved immediately after declaring the movement skill.
  • Troopers can freely go prone or get up at the start of a movement skill but the whole movement skill will count as being in the new state.
  • Speculative Fire no longer has shadow zones, but remember that anyone affected by a template gets a Dodge ARO at PH-3 and the HGL no longer has a +3 range band.

New Common Skills

  • Activate - allows a trooper to open/close/turn on/turn off generic scenery elements without rolling.
  • Lean out - an Entire Order of Movement+BS Attack that allows a trooper to lean over the edge of a building/balcony/window and to shoot down at targets tucked against the building.
  • Idle - declaring Idle, the active troop does nothing, but reactive troops get AROs. This also applies if an illegal skill was declared. Disposable weapon shots get used up in this case.
  • Engage - allows reactive troops to move into contact with enemy troops in a radius of 2 inches (5cm). With a successful PH Normal/Face to Face roll, the troop dodges any attack and ends in BtB contact with the active trooper at the end of the active move. Standard Dodge modifiers apply.
  • Reset - is a WIP-based short skill/ARO that can be used against any Hacking Attack and in the right situations can free a trooper from Immobilization Level 1 in ARO.


Changes to Existing Special Skills

  • Camouflage & Hiding
    • Camo and TO Camo markers have the same Silhouette as the trooper.
    • Camouflage level 2 and above grants the Special Skills Surprise Attack, Surprise Shot and Stealth.
    • A camouflage marker can only contain one trooper.
    • TO Camo troopers in Hidden Deployment state cannot be hit by templates.
    • Ambushed Camouflage is the same as Camouflage, but another camo marker can be deployed as a decoy within the trooper's ZoC.
  • Airborne Deployment
    • Parachutists all have to nominate the same table edge segment.
    • Inferior Combat Jump suffers a -3 PH modifier
Superior Combat Jump  - if dispersion would force the trooper onto their Deployment Zone table edge, the trooper can instead land within their own DZ without risk of dispersing again.
  • Infiltration
    • Infiltrating over the halfway mark is now a flat -3 PH modifier, with a failure resulting in the trooper being deployed in their own Deployment Zone touching a board edge. Camo and TO Camo troopers will start revealed.
    • Inferior Infiltration must deploy over the halfway line.
    • Superior Infiltration can go over the halfway line with a +3 PH modifier instead of -3.
  • Ghost: Remote Presence gives the trooper two levels of Unconscious state before entering Dead state, a single Engineer roll is need to cancel Unconscious state.
  • Total Immunity now applies to Plasma Special Ammunition as well.
  • Inspiring Leadership:
    • Applies the leader's Regular/Irregular state but not Impetuous/Non-Impetuous/Frenzy.
    • All troopers in the force gain Courage instead of Religious.
    • Coordinated Orders that include the leader can be done using only the Lieutenant's Order instead of a Regular Order and a Command Token.
  • Veteran is split into two levels:
    • Veteran L1 troopers are always Regular, ignore Retreat! state and Isolated state.
    • Veteran L2 grants Sixth Sense L2 and No Wound Incapacitation.
  • Religious troops:
    • Are Regular in Retreat.
    • Ignore Retreat! state.
    • Cannot voluntarily leave the table.
    • Suffer reverse Guts rolls - they can always choose to pass, but to fail they need to make a WIP roll.
    • Morat grants Veteran L1 and Religious.
    • Valor L1 Courage has the extra effect of ignoring Retreat! state.
    • Valor L2 Dogged can be activated in either turn, see the Game States section for more details.
  • Sixth Sense L1:
    • Ignore the penalty for Surprise Attack.
    • Ignore the penalty for Surprise Shot within ZoC.
    • Allows the user to delay ARO declaration to the first short skill within ZoC.
    • Ignore the penalty for Dodging a template weapon from outside LoF, if the firer is in ZoC. This includes Speculative Shot and Guided Ammo attacks.
  • Sixth Sense L2:
    • Can respond to attacks against them regardless of LoF, ignoring their own facing when doing so.
    • Ignore the penalty for Surprise Shot.
    • Ignore the penalty for shooting back through a Zero Visibility Zone.
    • Ignore the penalty for Dodging a template attack from outside LoF, regardless of range. This includes Speculative Shot and Guided Ammo attacks.
  • Sensor:
    • +6 modifier to normal Discover rolls.
    • Can Discover all enemy markers within Sensor Area with a +6 WIP roll with no modifiers.
    • Sensor Area is the ZoC of the trooper and the ZoC of all deployed Sniffers.
    • Camo and TO Camo cannot recamo in ZoC of the trooper.
    • Allows Triangulated Fire.
  • Triangulated Fire is an Entire Order skill. The trooper can fire at a target within LoF and suffers a flat -3 modifier. No other modifiers apply. Sensor is required.
  • Super Jump & Climbing Plus - Climb and Jump restrictions on Partial Cover still apply.
  • Forward Observer is now a Burst 2 BS Attack that puts the target into the Marked state (see Game States).
  • Engineer now contains a separate skill to detonate allied D-Charges remotely and gives the user Deactivator.

New Special Skills

  • Forward Deployment L1 allows the trooper to deploy up to 4" outside their Deployment Zone.
  • Surprise Shot replaces Combat Camouflage, inflicting a -3 MOD on an enemy FtF rolls when the user attacks from marker state.
  • Surprise Attack is similar to Surprise Shot but for close combat and is a -6 modifier on enemy FtF rolls.
  • Stealth lets the user move within ZoC without triggering AROs but doing something other than a Move will still trigger AROs. Cautious Movement can be used within ZoC. Granted by any level of Martial Arts, Impersonation or Camouflage L2+.
  • Heavyweight units cannot go through Narrow Gates and are slowed down when going through Wide Gates.
  • Kinematika grants an extra inch of ARO Dodge movement or Engage radius per level.
  • Advanced Command grants the player an extra Command Token.
  • Doctor Plus grants a +3 WIP modifier to Doctor rolls.
  • Akbar Doctor recovers the patient from Unconscious to full Wounds. It also contains Doctor Plus but only one of the two can be used at once.
  • Unhackable stops the trooper from being targetable by Hacking Programs that target Heavy Infantry.
  • Executive Order - when deployed, the trooper automatically becomes the Lieutenant but it can't be used in Loss of Lieutenant.
  • Manned - the TAG has a Pilot or Operator.
  • Marksmanship:
    • L1 gives the user's BS Attacks Shock ammo in addition to any other ammo types.
    • L2 ignores the BS modifier for shooting at a target in cover.
    • L3 removes the ARM/BTS bonus for a target in cover.
    • Level X - in the active turn, a Burst 2+ weapon can be used with Burst 1 and a +6 BS bonus. This does not contain the other levels of Marksmanship.


Most CC Special Skills give the user and opponent modifiers. Opponent modifiers apply to all FtF rolls regardless of the skill used by the opponent.

The modifiers from separate CC skills can be combined but levelled CC skills can only choose one level at a time.

  • Martial Arts 1-5 each have a different set of modifiers. All levels grant Stealth, Surprise Attack and Courage.
  • Berserk Attack gives the user +6 CC but makes everything Normal rolls. This is only available as part of Berserk.
  • Assault lets the trooper make a Move-Move-CC Attack as an Entire Order skill at -3 CC.
  • Berserk lets the trooper use Berserk Attack or Assault.
  • Scavenger lets the trooper pick up a weapon as part of a Coup de Grâce.
  • Surprise Attack lets a trooper in Camo or Impersonation state apply an extra -6 modifier to an opponent's rolls when moving into close combat.
  • Poison inflicts an additional BTS roll to cause damage each time an enemy trooper is hit in close combat.


Hacking Devices no longer contain Repeaters.

Hacking Programs now use a weapon-like profile with a WIP vs. WIP FtF roll against the target followed by a BTS roll against the Program's Damage to see if the Program's effect takes place.

The different types of Hacking Programs:

  • CLAW Programs are offensive and mostly target HI, TAGs, REMs and Hackers. This includes immobilisation and possession.
  • SWORD only has one Program (Brain Blast) which is the equivalent of the old Anti Hacker Protocols. It's the only Program that inflicts actual damage.
  • SHIELD Programs defend the Hacker from Hacking Programs and can also send Combat Jump troops off-course, reduce the effectiveness of Guided mode weapons and remove Possessed state from TAGs.
  • GADGET Programs generally give buffs to other units.
  • UPGRADE Programs don't fit into the other categories.
  • Cybermask lets the Hacker enter Impersonation-2 state.
  • Stop! is an enhanced immobilisation Program.
  • Sucker Punch is an enhanced version of Brain Blast.
  • White Noise creates a temporary area that cannot be seen through by troops with MSVs.

There are now four types of Hacking Device:

  • Hacking Device is the general purpose HD with Programs from all categories.
  • Hacking Device Plus adds some extra Programs.
  • Defensive Hacking Device has no offensive Programs but very good defensive ones.
  • Assault Hacking Device (new) has very aggressive Programs but no defensive or support Programs at all.



Weapons now have a list of explicit Traits. Some samples:

  • Suppressive Fire can only be performed by weapons with the Suppressive Fire Trait.
  • Guided Trait lets the weapon shoot at marked targets with no need for Line of Fire and with +6 BS. Enemy Hackers and ECM can apply negative modifiers but modifiers for range, cover, Camo etc. do not apply.
  • Silent Trait - if attacking from outside the target's Line of Fire, Change Facing AROs and the Warning! rule are only applied if the target doesn't go down.


  • Plasma now causes an ARM roll and a BTS roll, each causing damage. There is no longer an E/M component and the circular template is gone.
  • E/M ammo no longer goes through Total Cover. It works against halved BTS and can put any non-Veteran target into Isolated state. HI, TAGs and Remotes also enter IMM-2 state and any Comms Gear such as Hacking Devices or Repeaters is shut down. An Engineer is required to fix these effects.
  • Monofilament templates are no longer permanent.
  • Nimbus ammo makes a low visibility zone (-3 BS) that also affects MSVs and reduces Burst.
  • Nimbus Plus is the same but with a poor visibility zone (-6 BS).
  • Breaker ammo causes damage against a halved BTS roll.
  • K1 ammo from the Dire Foes missions has been added, reducing ARM to 0 but with a fixed DAM12. Partial Cover still applies.


  • Almost all weapon ranges have changed, notably:
  • Most heavy weapons such as HMGs and Sniper Rifles are 0-8" -3, 8-16" +0.
  • Shotguns get +6 in short range.
  • Sniper Rifles are 16-48" +3.
  • Missile Launchers are 24-40" +3.
  • Heavy Grenade Launchers have no +3 range but are cheaper in points.
  • Knives and basic Sniper Rifles now have the Shock trait.
  • Knives are DAM = user's PH-1 instead of -2 and have the Silent Trait.
  • Many weapons such as Missile Launchers and MULTI weapons can choose between multiple firing modes, for example a Missile Launcher firing with a template and EXP ammo or without a template with EXP+AP ammo.
  • MULTI Rifles, MULTI HMGs and HMCs now fire either Shock or AP ammo at full Burst.
  • Sepsitor is now a Direct Template Weapon but is still irreversible.
  • Mines must go off if an enemy uses an Order or ARO within it's Trigger Area and only the small teardrop template can be used.
  • E/Maulers are now Mines with E/M ammo.

Template Weapons

  • Template weapons are now divided into Direct Template Weapons (Chain Rifles, Flamethrowers etc.) and Impact Template Weapons (Missile Launchers, Grenades etc.).
  • There is no Partial Cover ARM/BTS bonus against template weapons.
  • There is no penalty to Dodge a template weapon if you have LoF to the firer.
  • Template placement now generates Dodge AROs even if there is no LoF to the active firer but at -3 PH.
  • Impact Template Weapons roll to hit the main target and then use those successes in FtF rolls against everyone else affected by the template, whether Dodging or shooting.


  • Drop Bears are throwable Mines that aren't camouflaged.
  • Tactical Bows have DA ammo and DAM = user's PH and have the Silent Trait.
  • Plasma Carbine - similar to the Plasma Rifle but with Burst 2 and a 40" maximum range.



  • Hacking Device+ no longer contains a Flash Pulse.
  • Medikits can now be fired at friendly targets as well as being used in base contact.
  • Multispectral Visor L1 now reduces TO Camo and ODD modifiers by 3.
  • Multispectral Visor L3 now needs to Discover targets but automatically succeeds in the roll. Surprise Shot and Surprise Attack penalties are ignored if within LoF.
  • Motorcyles have their own profile if the rider dismounts, have limits on the Jump skill and cannot claim Partial Cover.
  • Enemy Repeaters can now be used if they are within your Hacker's Zone of Control but with penalties.
  • ECM removes the +6 BS bonus for shooting the target with Guided ammo. However this counts as the target's ARO.


  • Advanced ECM not only removes the +6 BS bonus for Guided ammo but applies a -3 modifier as well.
  • Deactivator - carried by all Engineers and most of the Remotes with Sensor, this lets the trooper 'shoot' enemy D-Charges and Deployable Weapons to remove them.
  • Sniffer - effectively a Deployable Repeater for the Sensor ability.
  • Sat-Lock - replaces the N2 ability of FO+Sensor troops to mark targets within LoF. It's much less likely to mark a target but can be used on unrevealed Camo or TO Camo markers and can also be used within the ZoC of allied Sniffers.
  • Tinbots are non-combatant markers that stay in base contact with their owner, granting extra abilities to the user.
  • Tinbots with Deflector Level 1-2 apply a -3/-6 WIP to Hackers Hacking the owner or the owner's Fireteam.


Areas of terrain are now defined by type, MOV difficulty, Saturation and visibility.

  • Type is the same as in N2, for example Aquatic, Mountain, Desert etc.
  • MOV difficulty is now either Difficult or Very Difficult and is based on the second MOV value.
  • Movement for the Order immediately stops when moving into the edge of the terrain.
  • In Difficult Terrain troopers use their second MOV value for all moves.
  • In Very Difficult Terrain troopers use their second MOV value and can't move-move.
  • Saturation alters the Burst value of all shots in/out/through the area by either -1 or -2 depending on level.
  • Visibility is either Low (-3 BS), Poor (-6 BS), Zero (no LoF, -6 BS when reacting to attacks) or White Noise (Zero for all MSV troops).
  • The Hostile Environment rules from Paradiso can be added.