Start of the Turn: Tactical Phase

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The Tactical Phase is the step when the Active Player makes a series of quick checks before he starts activating his troops.

1.1 Retreat! check

The Active Player counts his Victory Points to see if he enters a Retreat! situation (see End-Game Conditions).

The Active Player's Victory Points are the sum of the Cost of all his troops not in a Null state (Unconscious, Dead, Sepsitorized...).

1.2 Loss of Lieutenant check

The Active Player checks whether he is in Loss of Lieutenant.

1.3 Order count

The Active Player counts how many Orders he has at his disposal for this Turn, by counting the number, type and state of his troops. He also applies the effects of Retreat! and/or Loss of Lieutenant (if necessary).

Regular Orders

For each Regular troop deployed on the table that is not in a Null state (Unconscious, Dead, Sepsitorized...), the Active Player adds one Regular Order Marker (REGULAR) to his Order Pool.

Each Combat Group has its own independent Order Pool.

Special Lieutenant Order

The Active Player, unless he is in Retreat! or Loss of Lieutenant, places a Special Lieutenant Order Marker (LIEUTENANT) on the table, being careful not to place the Marker next to his Lieutenant.

Irregular Orders

Then, the Active Player places an Irregular Order Marker (IRREGULAR) on the table for each of his Irregular troops not in a Null state.

Impetuous Orders

Finally, the Active Player places an Impetuous Order Marker (IMPETUOUS) next to each of his Impetuous troops not in a Null state.

Undeployed Troops
Troops that have yet to deploy on the table (for example, due to the Special Skill Airborne Deployment) do not contribute their Order to their Order Pool. Undeployed troops' Orders are Private Information, so their player can keep their Order Makers secret and out of sight of the opponent.