Sensor: Triangulated Fire

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BS Attack, Optional.
  • The user must have the Sensor Special Skill.
  • The user must also have LoF to the target.
  • Allows the user to declare a BS Attack with one of his BS Weapons against a target within LoF by making a BS-3 Roll, ignoring all other applicable MODs (Range, Cover, Special Skills such as Camouflage, TO, ODD...).


Triangulated Fire does not allow the user to hit a target farther away than the weapon's Maximum Range. For example, a Combi Rifle can never hit a target at a distance of more than 48 inches.

What we call Sensor is the result of either high-sensitivity detection equipment or an impeccable sense of smell, with the end goal of being able to locate hidden enemies at short ranges. These detection systems can also aid in the precise triangulation of the target, resulting in more effective target acquisition. Sensor field assets are ideal trackers and watchdogs; a perimeter of these can make an area unassailable via surreptitiousness.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.4, Sep 2018
Q: Do MediKits, Forward Observer, Discover, Deactivators and Minesweepers get the Burst Support Bonus granted by a Fireteam? Can they be used with Triangulated Fire? Removed in FAQ 1.7.
A: No, because they are Skills or items of Equipment. Removed in FAQ 1.7.
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Editor's note - remember that Deactivators, Minesweepers and Discover are not BS Weapons so still won't benefit from the Burst Support Bonus and cannot be used with Triangulated Fire.

N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.5, Jan 2019
Q: When using the Sensor: Triangulated Fire Skill must you apply MODs to the Burst value, such as the MODs from a Saturation Zone, etc?
A: Yes.
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