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  • During the Deployment Phase, the player doesn't place the model on the table but a Seed-Embryo (SEED-EMBRYO) Marker.
  • A Seed-Embryo must apply the values of the Seed-Embryo Troop Profile.
  • A Seed-Embryo Marker has a 360˚ LoF.
  • A Seed-Embryo Marker has a Silhouette (S) value of 0.
  • If the Seed-Embryo Troop Profile has a weapon, the trooper can use it with no need to declare Hatch nor to change to the Developed Form.
  • This state does not affect Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment.


  • A trooper's Seed-Embryo state is cancelled, and its Marker replaced with its model, whenever:
  • The player chooses to cancel the Seed-Embryo state during the Order Count step of the players' second Active Turn or their following Active Turns.
  • The player declares the Autohatch Short Skill or Hatch ARO and passes the corresponding Roll, if necessary.
  • Whenever the Seed-Embryo state is cancelled, replace the Seed-Embryo Marker with the trooper's model, facing whatever direction the owning player chooses.
  • Once the Seed-Embryo state is cancelled, the player will use the trooper's Developed Form Troop Profile.
  • Regarding Autohatch, the cancellation of Seed-Embryo state is applied to the whole declared Order. So, if a trooper in Seed-Embryo state declares an Autohatch + Move Order, her Developed Form Troop Profile will be applied for the whole Order.
  • Regarding Hatch, cancellation of the Seed-Embryo state is applied in the Conclusion of the Order, applying the Developed Form Troop Profile in subsequent Orders.