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Troopers possessing this Special Skill are deployed on the battlefield inside a semi-buried camouflaged capsule, to increase their chances of survival. They can hatch voluntarily in the player's second Active Turn, changing to a different Troop Profile.

  • The user of this Special Skill must deploy in the Seed-Embryo (State) game state, applying the Seed-Embryo Troop Profile.
  • During the Order Count Phase of the Tactical Phase of the player's second or following Active Turn the player can choose to cancel Seed-Embryo state, applying the Developed Form Troop Profile.

Seed-Embryo and Camouflage and Hiding (CH)

If the bearer of this Special Skill also has some level of the Camouflage and Hiding (CH) Special Skill, then it can be deployed as the corresponding Camouflage and Hiding Marker.

If the adversary successfully Discovers the camouflaged Seed-Embryo, the players will replace the Camouflage and Hiding Marker with a Seed-Embryo (SEED-EMBRYO) one.


When you replace one of your (Camouflage and Hiding) Markers with a model, you are required to share all Open Information relative to that trooper.

Seed-Embryo and Combat Jump

Those troops whose Seed-Embryo Troop Profile possesses the AD: Combat Jump Special Skill cannot be deployed using any other level of Airborne Deployment.

These troops will be deployed as a Seed-Embryo (SEED-EMBRYO) Marker applying the rule as usual.

As part of the Shasvastii program to improve the survival capabilities of its troops, the development of Seed-Embryo capsule technology is tied to area control and dominance tactics. The Shasvastii troops that have this technology are deployed inside a vital development and maintenance capsule. This capsule is deployed semi-buried and camouflaged in the area of operations. When the critical moment comes, these troops will hatch from the capsule, ready for combat and fully prepared to accomplish their mission, taking their adversaries by surprise.



To be able to declare this Special Skill it is compulsory to be in the Seed-Embryo state.

  • Autohatch allows cancellation of the Seed-Embryo state with no Roll required.
  • This Special Skill must be declared as the first Short Skill of the Order.

From the Cancellation clauses for Seed-Embryo State:

  • Regarding Autohatch, the cancellation of Seed-Embryo state is applied to the whole declared Order. So, if a trooper in Seed-Embryo state declares an Autohatch + Move Order, her Developed Form Troop Profile will be applied for the whole Order.


  • To be able to declare this ARO it is compulsory to be in the Seed-Embryo state.
  • Succeeding at a PH Roll allows the trooper to cancel the Seed-Embryo state and also to avoid Attacks declared against its user, applying the Dodge rules. However, a successful Hatch does not allow the user to move.
  • This Special Skill can also be declared if the active enemy trooper is in Zone of Control.

From the Cancellation clauses for Seed-Embryo State:

  • Regarding Hatch, cancellation of the Seed-Embryo state is applied in the Conclusion of the Order, applying the Developed Form Troop Profile in subsequent Orders.