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N2 Human Sphere & Paradiso Content, to be updated!
This page contains second edition content from Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso.


The miniature is deployed inside a life maintenance and body-developing capsule. When its body is finished growing and the information, plans and aptitudes necessary to accomplish its mission are implanted, the miniature will emerge from the capsule, ready for combat.

Troops with this Special Skill are deployed on the battlefield in the shape of a Seed-Embryo. This capsule, which is heavily armoured, cannot do anything and only has ARM, BTS and W Attributes. It is vulnerable to E/M (being Immobilized) but it cannot be hacked. The Seed-Embryo stands still, without moving, giving one Order to the Order Reserve of its army until its player’s second turn, or until the next player’s turn following its deployment. At the beginning of its second turn, before the Impetuous Orders sequence and without spending any Order, the Seed-Embryo is replaced by the miniature, fully equipped, facing wherever its player wishes and able to act immediately. In an emergency situation, the player can, if he wishes, spend 1 Short Skill or an ARO to hatch the Seed-Embryo prematurely. The Seed-Embryo only can hatch reactively to any actions made by the enemy inside its Zone of Control or its 360º LoF. In addition, it is equipped with a stealth device which provides it with CH: Limited Camouflage until it hatches. If the Seed-Embryo is discovered, replace the Camouflage Marker with a Seed-Embryo (SEED-EMBRYO) Marker.

Those Seed-Embryos which have the AD: Combat Jump Special Skill cannot be deployed using any other level abilities of Airborne Deployment. A landed capsule will hatch automatically in the player’s next turn following its landing; immediately by spending 1 Short Skill; or by spending one ARO during another player’s turn. As they are used to being deployed in dangerous areas, and lack the stealth device which is disabled after a landing, the capsules of Seed-Embryos with AD: Combat Jump have an Electric Pulse and a single use defensive device, which works like an Antipersonnel Mine if enemy models approach within range of an unhatched capsule. A Seed-Embryo that scatters off the battlefield will need to spend 2 Orders to appear on the border of the table, at the same point where it left. It is hatched when placed on the table.

N2 FAQ: Seed-Embryo

- What is the height of Shasvastii Seed Embryos, regular or Cadmus?

Meanwhile there is no model to represent them, they are base sized as other game markers. If you check the Human Sphere book, in the Combined Army chapter you’ll see a comic strip where the Seed-Embryo is shown partially buried. If you have not the Human Sphere book, stop reading and run to buy one!

As per Army Infinity and the N3 unit profiles PDF, Seed-Embryos have Silhouette 0.

- What happens if a Shasvastii Seed-Embryo ARO a BS or CC attack with a Short Skill to hatch?

The active player will make a Normal Roll.

- Can the occupant of the Shasvastii Seed-Embryo hatch in the Prone position?


- Can the Seed-Embryo be deployed Prone?


-What is the difference between a Seed-embryo and a Spawn-embryo?

See Spawn-Embryo.