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N2 Human Sphere & Paradiso Content, to be updated!
This page contains second edition content from Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso.

The Sectorial Armies are specific army corps, or small territorial armies, from a given area, region or planet of the faction they belong to.

The Sectorial Armies possess their own Army Lists, with troop Availabilities differing from the General Army of the faction they belong to. Sometimes they have a higher number of certain troops and lack access to other units, which may often be found in another Sectorial Army from the same faction.

The Army Lists of the Sectorial Armies are completely official and valid for play in any tournament. They can be used in the ITS, Infinity Tournament System, even if the Sectorial Army has Mercenary Troops or units from other factions. In a tournament, a player using a Sectorial Army must make sure he informs the organizers and his adversary that he is playing a Sectorial List.

A player who is using a Sectorial Army List can only use the troops and the Availabilities indicated by the Sectorial Army, and cannot use the troops and the Availabilities of the General Army List. In the same way, if he uses a General Army List, then he cannot use those troops who are not included in the General Army, nor can he use the Availabilities of the Sectorial Army.

Example 1

In the Sectorial Army of the Qapu Khalqi of the Haqqislamite Sultan, the player can take 5 Odalisques and 1 Mobile Brigada as mercenary troops. However, he cannot take any Hassassin troops or Tuaregs. In the same way, in the general Haqqislamite Army, the player must use the General Availability of the Odalisques, but still has access to all troops of the Haqqislamite Army List. He cannot take any Mercenary Troops (if he is playing a tournament) or troops from factions outside of Haqqislam.

Example 2

The Sectorial Armies of a Military Order are themed armies, focused on a specific Military Order of the player’s choice. The entry “Military Order Knights”, with AVA 4, allows enlisting of up to 4 Knights from the same Military Order (For example 4 Hospitallers). The entry “Confrère Knights” refers to Knights from other Orders that collaborate with the Order chosen by the player. “Confrère Knights”, with AVA 2, means it is possible to enlist up to 2 Knights belonging to other different Order (For example a Montesa Knight and a Teuton Knight in a Hospitallers’ Sectorial Army, or maybe two Knights of Santiago).

The Sectorial Armies are characterized by a lower range of unit choices, which makes them less versatile compared with General Armies, but, in return, they allow different gaming styles. Moreover, Sectorial Armies are tougher and more resistant, because they are allowed to concentrate certain specialist troops, and have exclusive use of the Link Troops rule. Each Sectorial Army possesses its own identity, some with an aggressive focus while others are more defensive, with Sectorial Armies specialized in close quarter combat while others prefer long range engagements… but all are different from each other. Discover this by playing them!

N2 FAQ: Sectorial Armies

-Can troops from other armies take the rank of lieutenant in the sectoral armies? For example, a Deva in the Neoterra sectorial, a Mobile Brigade in the Khapu Qalqi or, also, a Santiago Knight in the Montesa list?

Yes to both, but the glory and recognition is for the Sectorial or the Military Order not to the "outsider" Lieutenant.