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The user of this Special Skill is able to connect to the satellite network and use it to detect hidden threats and remotely tag enemies as artillery targets.

Comms Attack, Comms Equipment, Optional, No LoF, Zone of Control.
  • This Special Skill allows its user to declare a Comms Attack with a WIP'-6 Roll against a target within Sensor Area.
  • This Roll applies no further MODs (for Range, Cover, CH, ODD...) or bonuses unless otherwise specified.
  • Upon a successful Roll, the target enters the Targeted state, signified by a Targeted Marker (TARGETED).
  • The user need not have LoF to the target.
  • With this Special Skill, the Comms Attack may be declared against an enemy Camouflage or TO Camouflage Marker. In that case, a successful Roll not only tags the target as Targeted, but also Discovers him, replacing the Marker with the target's model.

For centuries, the scope of warfare has tended to expand upwards. Nowadays, any theater of operations is covered in air-remotes and flying tactical units that monitor and broadcast the progression of the battle in real time. But in-situ surveillance units are extremely fragile and vulnerable to hostile activities. This led to further vertical expansion into orbital support for foot soldiers, particularly in the form of low-orbit spy satellites with extremely sophisticated and precise tracking systems. The most efficient way to harness the potential of this satellite network is through specialized units with the tactical role of identifying threats and locating priority targets. With eyes in the sky and appropriate fire support, the operational performance of these units goes through the proverbial roof.