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{{Template:FAQ_Question}} When can CC Special Skills be used?
{{Template:FAQ_Answer_2}} Automatic CC Special Skills that have the Attack label can only be used when declaring CC Attack, unless specified otherwise in the Skill.
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Human Sphere N3 Content.


The users of this CC Special Skill can increase the value of their Wounds Attribute whenever they inflict Damage during Close Combat.


Troopers with any Level of Protheion automatically have the Surprise Attack, Stealth and V: Courage Special Skills.

Attack, CC Special Skill, Optional
  • Either in an Active or Reactive Turn, a trooper must reach or be in base to base contact with an enemy in order to be able to use this Special Skill.
  • Each Level of Protheion provides specific MODs to CC, as shown in the Protheion Chart.
  • Each Level of Protheion automatically grants all lower Levels. However, players cannot combine the advantages of different Levels of this Special Skill.
  • When using Protheion, troopers can employ only one Level from those at their disposal.
  • A player must indicate which Level of Protheion he will use when declaring the use of this Special Skill.
  • The use of Protheion is considered a CC Attack.
  • Each successful Protheion CC Attack requires a BTS roll from the target against a Damage value equal to that of the PH Attribute of the owner of said Special Skill. When declaring the use of Protheion, players do not apply the Damage value, Special Ammunition or other rules of any CC Weapon.
  • The target loses one point from the Wounds/Structure Attribute for every failed BTS Roll.
  • Also, if the target has a Wounds Attribute, then the Protheion users increase the value of their Wounds Attribute by one for every BTS Roll the target fails. The Protheion users indicate this by placing a Power-Up Marker by their side.
  • The Wounds Attribute can be increased by a maximum of two points. Use a Power-Up 2 Marker to indicate this.
  • This Special Effect can only be used against enemy troopers that possess the Wounds Attribute.
  • A Critical with Protheion means the automatic loss of one point from the Wounds/Structure value from the target. Also, if the target possess the Wounds Attribute, the users of this Special Skill automatically gains one point to their Wounds Attribute.
  • The Protheion user can apply this CC Special Skill when declaring a Coup de Grâce.

Protheion Chart

Name Attack Opponent Damage Burst Type of Special
Protheion L1 +3 0 +1 0 PH *
Protheion L2 0 -3 +1 0 PH *
Protheion L3 0 0 +3 0 PH *
Protheion L4 0 0 0 +1 PH *
Protheion L5 +3 -3 0 0 PH *


Example of Protheion against opponents with the Wounds Attribute

An Umbra Samaritan with Protheion who wins the CC Face to Face Roll against a Fusilier who fails his BTS roll increases his Wounds Attribute by one point. The target (the Fusilier) loses one point from his Wounds Attribute and goes into the Unconscious state. At this point, if the Umbra Samaritan uses another Short Skill to make a Coup de Grâce with Protheion, he will increase his Wounds Attribute by one more point without having to make any CC Rolls. Just like in other Coup de Grâce situations, the Fusilier will go from an Unconscious state to Dead state. At this point, the Umbra Samaritan has reached the maximum number of Wounds points allowed for this Special Skill and will not be able to increase them any further. However, if he was to lose some points from the Wounds Attribute, he could always use Protheion again against an enemy trooper and, if successful, increase his Wounds Attribute once more.

Example of Protheion against opponents with the Structure Attribute

If the Umbra Samaritan faces an opponent with the Structure Attribute (STR) in CC, he will be able to use the MODs given by any Protheion Level he has available. However, if the Umbra Samaritan wins the CC Face to Face Roll, he will not be able to implement the Special Effect, so he will not increase his Wounds Attribute.

Protheion is a bio-genetic enhancement that allows the owner to extract nutrients and organic matter from other biological entities in order to regenerate their own wounds or to increase their physical resilience. This morally questionable enhancement provides those who own it with a greater autonomy and capacity to survive in hostile environments. Protheion not only improves the physical functionality of its user, but also lets the user feed and recover from any damage received while operating without support or behind enemy lines.

However, beyond the tactical advantages this enhancement provides, the offensive capability of Protheion is exceptional and it hasn't gone unnoticed by military instructors. A specific close combat technique has been developed around Protheion, a technique that combines blows and maneuvers from various combat arts adapted to the advantages provided by this bio-genetic enhancement. As a result, all Protheion experts are fearsome opponents in close combat, because they add the psychological impact of feeding on their opponents to their combat capabilities.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: Can a troop with the Special Skill Protheion declare an Attack with this skill against an Unconscious trooper that is in Sepsitorized State and controlled by you?
A: No. Sepsitorized troops are considered Allies even when Unconscious. So, it can not be the target of attacks from his own troops.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.9, Jan 2020
Q: When can CC Special Skills be used?
A: Automatic CC Special Skills that have the Attack label can only be used when declaring CC Attack, unless specified otherwise in the Skill.
Related Pages: Berserk, CC Attack, CC Special Skills, Dual Wield, Guard, i-Kohl, Martial Arts, Natural Born Warrior, Poison, Protheion