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  • During the Deployment Phase, players may deploy one or more of their troopers Prone by placing a Prone Marker beside them.
  • When a trooper declares the Short Movement Skill Move, its player may indicate that it will go Prone.
  • By doing so, the trooper begins its Short Movement Skill Move already in the Prone state. The Short Movement Skill Move is therefore executed while Prone and the consequent reduction to the trooper's MOV and S applies during its movement.
  • If a trooper enters the Unconscious state, it falls Prone automatically unless it belongs to a Unit Type unable to go Prone (REM, TAG, Vehicle...) or has a piece of Equipment that prevents it from going Prone (a Motorcycle, for example).


  • Prone troopers have a Silhouette (S) value of 0, that is, the equivalent height of a base.
  • While in this state, troopers have both their MOV values halved.
  • While Prone, troopers cannot Jump or Climb.
  • Prone troopers that are the target of a BS Attack declared by an enemy from a lower position than them will benefit from Partial Cover MODs against that attack.
  • This state does not affect Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment, except when explicitly stated in their description.


  • A Prone trooper may automatically cancel this state by declaring the Short Movement Skill Move. The player must announce he is cancelling the Prone state when declaring the Short Skill Move. By doing so, the state is cancelled at no cost and the trooper can carry out its Move using its regular MOV and S values.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Can any trooper pass through a Narrow Gate in a Prone State?
A: Yes, because prone troopers have a Silhouette value of 0, so they fulfil the Requirements to pass through the Narrow Gate.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: When can a trooper activate or cancel Prone state?
A: Prone state can be activated or cancelled by declaring the Move Short Movement Skill, or where stated in the rules. For example, you cannot activate or cancel Prone state by declaring Cautious Movement or Jump, because they are not the Move Short Movement Skill.
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