Monofilament Special Ammunition

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Monofilament technology is very sophisticated and used to cut through any material with minimal effort.




After a successful attack using Monofilament Special Ammunition, the target must make an ARM Roll.


  • Monofilament Special Ammunition ignores the armor of the target, treating his ARM Attribute as 0.
  • Monofilament Special Ammunition has a fixed Damage value of 12, regardless of the weapon used to fire it. This Damage 12 can never be altered by bonuses or Modifiers (MODs) from Special Skills (such as Martial Arts L2), Equipment, scenario rules, etc., unless otherwise specified.
  • Monofilament Special Ammunition kills directly, so a failed ARM Roll against it causes the target to enter the Dead state and be removed from the game, regardless of his remaining Wounds, Structure points or Special Skills (SpawnEmbryo, G: Remote Presence...).
  • Critical hits with Monofilament Special Ammunition cause the target to Die and be removed from the game, bypassing the usual ARM Roll.


Monofilament Special Ammunition has no effect on Cover Modifiers, which apply normally.

Monofilament weapons use a weaponized monomolecular wire - that is, a single-molecule-thick edge stabilized by a faint E/M field. Monofilament devices are the absolute cutting edge of cutting edges, an extremely sophisticated and experimental technology too costly to see widespread use.