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In most cases, the circumstances of an action apply Modifiers (MODs) to the relevant Attribute before a roll is made. MODs, by increasing or decreasing the numeric value of an Attribute, denote the difficulty of the Skill at hand. A positive MOD applies when the Skill performed is easier than usual, and a negative MOD represents that the Skill is harder than usual.

The most commonly used MODs are:

  • Range: can modify the BS and WIP Attributes.
  • Cover: can modify the BS and ARM Attributes.
  • Skills and Equipment: can modify several different Attributes.

Maximum Modifier. The sum total of the Modifiers applied to a Roll can never exceed +12 or -12.

Any Modifier that adds up to more than +12 or less than -12 is ignored and replaced by the maximum MOD of +12 or -12, as appropriate.

Maximum Modifier Examples
An Akal Commando declares a BS Attack with his Combi Rifle against a Spektr with the Special Skill TO Camouflage, who is in Partial Cover. The Modifiers the Akal Commando needs to apply to his BS Roll are: Range of the weapon (-6), TO Camouflage (-6) and Partial Cover (-3); totaling -15. However, the Akal Commando only applies the -12 maximum to his BS Roll, ignoring the excess Partial Cover MOD.
Let's assume that, in addition to her TO Camouflage and her Partial Cover, the Spektr is on the other side of a Poor Visibility Zone, and is currently in a Targeted state. In this unlikely scenario, the negative MODs to the Akal Commando's BS Roll would be: Range of the weapon (-6), TO Camouflage (-6), Partial Cover (-3) and Poor Visibility Zone (-6); for a total of -21. The Akal Commando has a positive MOD by virtue of the Spektr's Targeted state (+3), leaving the final MOD as a bleak -18. However, just as before, the Akal Commando applies only the maximum -12 to his BS Roll.
Whenever a rule mentions the value of an Attribute, consider it to mean the final value, obtained after applying all MODs.
In Infinity, any time a number (a result on a die, an Attribute, a MOD...) is divided and rounded to an integer, it is always rounded up. For example, half of 5 (5 / 2 = 2.5) would be 3.