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Third Offensive Content.

Medjectors are Special Equipment that can help allies regain consciousness. The Medjector is a more advanced injury treatment medical device than the MediKit. However, its users are also considered Paramedics.

  • Medjectors can only be used on Unconscious friendly troopers.
  • A Medjector can be used in one of two ways:
    • To use it remotely, the user must have LoF to the target.
    • To use it as contact equipment, the user must be in base to base contact with the target.
  • This piece of Equipment works like a MediKit (see Infinity N3) but the target gets to make a PH Roll instead of a PH-3 Roll.

Medjector Weapon Profile

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Medjector 0-8" +3 8-16" +0 16-24" -6 -- -- 1 -- Non-Lethal

The second generation of the MediKit is the crown jewel of the pharmaceutical industry. After several years of research, metabolic accelerators that stimulate patient recovery processes have been successfully added to the usual recipe of biological nano-repairers. In addition, the development of new generations of cellular automata, with an increased processing capacity, allowed expansion of the range of pre-installed treatments in medical units. This innovation would lead to a technological leap in medical campaign recovery devices. The presence of the human operator was no longer necessary to evaluate the damage suffered by the patient and to program the dose of bio-repairers to inject with the MediKit. Now, the repairer cellular automata were already prepared to carry out combat first aid without supervision by a medical technician. Unfortunately, the high cost of Medjector's unidoses has prevented the industry from mass producing this device and, at the moment, it is only available for select units that have received specific training in its use.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 2.0, May 2020
Q: Can the Doctor Special Skill or MediKits/Medjectors be used on Designated Targets, Civvies or HVTs?
A: Yes, you can use these Skills or pieces of Equipment on them.
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