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Infinity, A Miniatures Combat Game

Infinity is a 28mm metal miniatures game simulating special operations and skirmishes in a high technology sci-fi universe.

Infinity recreates Direct Action operations, which are quick, lethal, and very risky. Missions are executed in the midst of a combat zone or behind enemy lines, but always in critical areas where the level of risk is the highest. The player assumes command of a small group of elite troops, specifically chosen before the battle begins to suit the mission's profile. This allows players to tailor their team's composition depending on the current mission, fielding different operatives from different units to find the professional troops whose skills may be the most useful during the operation.

Infinity is an innovative game system, dynamic and entertaining, which allows all players to participate during the entire gaming sequence. It possesses a great amount of realism and flexibility, providing players with a wide variety of tactical and strategic maneuvers to employ during the game.

Human Sphere N3 Introduction

Infinity is a 28mm metal miniatures game that simulates skirmishes in a science-fiction universe of highly advanced technology, a near future of manga aesthetics, full of thrilling action, where special operations determine Humanity's fate.

These rules are an expansion of the 3rd Edition Infinity basic rules, which are required to use the contents of Human Sphere. The Infinity basic rules are available in the 3rd Edition rulebook, or completely free from our official Infinity web page at

This new complementary rules set introduces the Sectorial Army lists and new rules like the Infinity Fireteams and Civilian rules. Human Sphere also includes new skills, weapons, and gear that expands the gaming possibilities of the Infinity Universe.

Introduction Subsections

  • Infinity: Game Summary To enjoy a game of Infinity, the players must agree on a certain number of Army Points, which will define the scale of the game and the type of scenario or mission that they want to play.
  • Game Elements: Terminology and Alignment This rules set uses precise terminology throughout to refer to key elements of the game that players have at their disposal. Therefore, it is important to point out which terms are used to indicate the alignment of those elements.
  • Sectorial Army Lists (Human Sphere N3) The Sectorial Armies are specific sections of the army, or small territorial armies from a specific area, region, or planet of the faction to which they belong.

What You Need
To play Infinity you will need the following things:
  • A measuring tape of at least 48 inches.
  • Some 20 sided dice (d20).
  • Infinity miniatures to represent the troops of both players.
  • Scenery. At least 8 big elements and 6 small items. As it will be soon become apparent, scenery and terrain is a very important part of Infinity.
  • A 4ft x 4ft gaming table. Although the game can be played in surfaces of other sizes, this is the standard size of an Infinity gaming table.
  • Markers and templates, all available for free in the Download section of the official Infinity website at:
Key Words
Important terms are italicized in this rulebook to make them easier to locate when using the Index.

Background Texts

Texts with this format provide information related to the Infinity universe and help the players understand the reality represented by the rules, immersing them in the game environment. However, background texts are for informative purposes only and do not constitute actual rules in the game. These texts appear especially in the Skills, Weapons, and Equipment sections.