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Human Sphere N3 Content.

The Infinity Fireteams rule allows players to activate a team of troopers who support a single Team Leader, with less Order expenditure. There are several types of Fireteams.

Some troopers, who belong to the same unit, have received the same instruction and have trained together. Therefore, when teamed up, they have an instinctive economy of movement that facilitates any joint action. These troopers are committed to and trust one another so strongly that any one of them can take leadership of the team at any moment, creating a team with great tactical dynamism. This modus operandi is a characteristic found only in some troopers from Sectorial Armies.


This rule allows the activation of groups composed of 2 to 5 models by consuming a single Order. These models must be in Coherency with a Team Leader, and while they may not shoot or act directly against the enemy, they provide a bonus to the Leader, who carries out the Order. Fireteam leadership can alternate between its members; players can change the Leader when they declare a new Order.

Fireteams: Basic Rules

Types Of Fireteam