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__QUICK SUMMARY__ This rule allows the activation and moving of groups consisting of 3 to 5 miniatures by consuming a single [[Linked Team Order Description" Order]. These miniatures must be inside the Zone of Control of a Team Leader', and while they may not shoot or act directly against the enemy, they provide a Bonus to the Leader, who carries out the Order. The leadership of the Team can be alternated between its different members, [[Changing the Team Leader" changing the Leader] between one Order and the next.

Official Forum thread about this rule

Some troops, belonging to the same unit, have received the same instruction and have trained together. Therefore, when teamed up, they have an instinctive economy of movement that facilitates any joint action. These troops are committed to and trust one another so strongly that any one of them can take leadership of the team at any moment, creating a team with great tactical dynamism. This "modus operandi" is a characteristic found only in some troops from Sectorial Armies.

Linking troops allows use of a team of figures that belong to the same regiment or unit (For example: figures who are all Acontecimento Regulars; Father-Officer De Fersen with Hospitaller Knights; a team of Hassassin Lasiqs; “Neko” Oyama and some Domarus; Cassandra Kusanagi and a team of Reverend Moiras; a team of Suryats...) with lower Order consumption and the ability to lend support to one of their number, who is the Team Leader.

This rule is only applied to some specific troops (See the [[Linkable Troops" chart]) when a [[Sectorial Armies" Sectorial Army] List is used, and cannot be applied when General Army Lists are used.

To create a Linked Team, the minimum of troops required is 3, and the maximum that can be used is 5. A Linked Team is formed by a Team Leader and from 2 to 4 figures of his unit who escort him, always remaining inside his Zone of Control (ZC).

Troops can be Linked in the Deployment Phase by placing a Linked Team Leader Marker (LINK Leader) beside the figure who will be the Team Leader for the forthcoming Order. All other linked figures must be deployed inside the Zone of Control of the Team Leader indicated by the Marker.

Example of Order Spending and ARO Procedures (Linked Team in active turn):

1-The active player places the Team Leader Marker besides the figure he wants to be the Leader during that Order. He checks the number of figures that are inside the ZC of the Leader. Next, he declares the 1st Short Skill of the Order.

2-The reactive player declares the AROs of any figures with LOF or who are in ZC with any figure in the Linked Team (Each figure gains only 1 ARO against the whole Team).

3-The active player declares the 2nd Short Skill of the Order.

4-The reactive player declares the AROs of any figures who get LOF or are now in ZC with any figure in the Linked Team thanks to the 2nd Short Skill of the Order.

5-The active player checks the number of figures inside of the ZC of the Leader and applies the Bonuses gained if he has used Support. Both players roll any dice required.

Special Conditions

-Each player only can have only one Linked Team on the game table at any time.

-Troops with Frenzy or Impetuous Characteristics who are members of a Linked Team automatically become Not Impetuous. Such troops, when they leave the Linked Team, revert to their normal base behaviour as they were before joining the Linked Team.

Example: A troop who suffers from Frenzy joins a Linked Team before causing any wounds to enemies. Even if he causes wounds while a member of the Linked Team, when he leaves the Team he will not gain the free Impetuous Order as he returns to the exact same state he was in before he joined it. He will need to cause a wound on his own, outside of a Linked Team, to gain the Impetuous Order. If he had caused a wound before joining the Team, he would become Not Impetuous for the duration of his membership and would return to being Impetuous when leaving.

In the [[Linkable Troops" Linkable Troops Chart] there is a Special Category that indicates some specific troops who, due to their background or Special Skills like Inspiring Leadership, can link with other specific troops that do not belong to the same regiment or unit.

Example-A: Joan of Arc Lieutenant (Any version, either the first one or the 2.0 version…) can form a Linked Team with Knights Hospitallers, or Knights of Santiago, but all of them must belong to the same Military Order.

Example-B: William Wallace Lieutenant can form a Linked Team with a unit solely consisting of Volunteers, or solely of Wulvers, Grey Rifles or 45th Highlanders, but all of them belonging to the same regiment.

FAQ:Fireteams: Link Troops

-When should a controlling player place the Team leader Marker? In each new Order we put him on the miniature we want without spending an order. / It must be placed at the beginning of the link and can not be touched without re-linking...

The linked group marker always accompanies the linked group. You must put the marker beside the miniature you wish to be Team Leader before declaring the first half of the order. This is probably the guy you want to shoot on active turn with the support team. The marker is relocatable at the beginning of each order at no additional cost.

- Do I have to inform the opponent which are the fireteam members who are linked or can I enter in secret about who are the members. When you create a FireTeam you must indicate which models are part of it. The adversary must be able to tell if the player is playing correctly (staying within the 8 inch radius of the Team Leader for cohesion, and so on). It is also important in avoiding confusion when there are many figures on the table.

-Applying the Fireteam Rules, what happens if a member of a Fireteam tries to synchronize with a Civil?

If that member is not the Link Leader of the Fireteam then that figure is automatically out of the Fireteam.

If that member is the Link Leader of the Fireteam then the Civil is can be synchronized normally, and if successes, the Civil will be sychronized to that figure. However, the Civil can not be accounted as part of the Fireteam to calculate the number of members it has. For example, a 4-members Fireteam with a synchronized Civil can not be considered as a 5-members Fireteam.

-Can the link with Hafzas be done with more than one Hafza? You can link one or more Hafzas with other troops and get the coveted group of 5. For example, a group of 4 Hafzas with a Janissary HMG.

N3 FAQ Entries

Human Sphere & Paradiso FAQ Entry

In a Loss of Lieutenant situation, any figure belonging to a Linked Team and possessing the Religious Troop Special Skill, who uses its Order (The Order the Religious Troop Special Skill allows it to keep for itself) is no longer part of the Linked Team.

No, it doesn’t. The overhaul of the Religious Troop Special Skill in 3rd Ed has rendered that ruling obsolete.

Human Sphere & Paradiso FAQ Entry

Loss of Lieutenant in 3rd Ed does not automatically break Fireteam links. However, troops in Loss of Lieutenant become Irregular. Should a member of a Fireteam expend his Irregular Order, he automatically and immediately abandons the Fireteam and forfeits all its bonuses.

Human Sphere & Paradiso FAQ Entry

They are. In 3rd Ed, Fireteams cannot declare any Entire Order Skill without the Movement Label. Should a member of a Fireteam declare an Entire Order Skill without the Movement Label (such as Speculative Fire), he abandons the Fireteam. For example, a member of a Fireteam could declare Jump or Climb without abandoning his Fireteam, but declaring Intuitive Attack or Suppressive Fire would automatically cause him to act outside the Fireteam.

Human Sphere & Paradiso FAQ Entry

No, in 3rd Edition, players can only apply the Burst Bonus to Ballistic Attacks (Short Skill/ ARO).

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