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So you've played through the five Icestorm scenarios, what comes next?

The full Infinity rules can be daunting in their breadth, so let's break it down into several areas and look at each area in turn. First, however…

How Does the Wiki Work?

The wiki is structured in the same way as the N3 rulebook, divided into roughly the same chapters, seen in the navigation bar on the left. For example all the guns and other weapons are in the Weaponry and Equipment chapter.

If you are looking for a particular item, the search field at the top right of the page will autofill Infinity terms as you start typing.

Within a wiki page, all Infinity game terms, items of Equipment, Skills etc. will be hyperlinks to their own pages.

  • The Introduction contains the basic definitions of terms in the game and an overall introduction.
  • Basic Rules covers Line of Fire, measuring, Rolls, unit profiles, the Order Sequence etc.
  • Combat, as you'd expect, covers shooting, close combat and damage.
  • Characteristics and Skills covers the characteristics of troopers, such as whether they'll run towards the enemy in an Impetuous manner, Common Skills that can be performed by all troopers and Special Skills that are specific to some troopers.
  • Weaponry and Equipment does exactly what you'd expect, look here for guns and ammo, and also the Weapons Chart.
  • The End Game chapter covers the assorted ways that a game of Infinity can finish.
  • The Advanced Rules covers the more complex optional rules in the game such as Hacking, Special Terrain and Command Tokens.
  • The Appendices include the Game States and some basic guidelines for laying out tables.

Infinity Rules Formatting

Skill Boxes

Skills come in several varieties, but are all laid out in the same way.

Name of the Skill Type of Skill
Labels listed here include further info about the type of Skill.
  • Anything that has to be fulfilled to perform the Skill goes here.
  • Where there are multiple Requirements they must all be fulfilled, unless the Skill says otherwise.
  • The Effects of the Skill go here.
  • Often in several separate lines.

Game States

These describe the various conditions a trooper can be in or enter, such as falling Unconscious or Dead, being Engaged in combat or being hidden as a marker in Camouflaged state.

Each state has five parts:

  • Label - some states have the Null label, meaning that the trooper doesn't generate any Orders and usually counts as a casualty at the end of the game.
  • Marker - if there is a status marker associated with the state, it will be shown here.
  • Activation - these are the triggers for the state, for example Unconscious triggers when the trooper is reduced to zero Wounds or Structure.
  • Effects - as with a Skill Box, the effects of the state will be listed here. Taking Unconscious as the example again, the trooper will fall Prone if able to, doesn't generate Orders, almost all it's Skills and Equipment shut down and several other effects.
  • Cancellation - lists how to get out of the state. For Unconscious this includes somebody successfully using the Doctor Special Skill on a trooper with Wounds (but watch out if they fail, as you'll then need to look up the Dead state!) or taking more damage (see Dead state again).

Expanding Icestorm

Simplified Basic Rules

Some of the basic rules in Icestorm are slightly simplified compared to their full versions.

Other Common Skills

Icestorm contains a very limited set of actions that your troopers can perform, mostly limited to Move, BS Attack and Dodge. The full rules open up a much wider set of Common Skills that can be performed by anyone.

Guns, Lots of Guns!

Icestorm limits troopers to Combi Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Knives. The full panoply of weapons and ammo types in Infinity is much more extensive…

Templates of Doom!

Template Weapons have a few quirks in N3.

Trooper Skills & Equipment

Many of the troopers in Icestorm have special actions, abilities and equipment that have been left out of the Icestorm missions for simplicity. For example the Father-Knight has the Assault CC Special Skill that lets him Move-Move-CC in the right circumstances.