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Human Sphere N3 Content.


This is a CC Special Skill that forces a negative MOD upon the opponent. I-Kohl has different levels.

CC Special Skill
  • Either in an Active or Reactive Turn, a trooper must reach or be in base to base contact with an enemy in order to be able to use this Special Skill.
  • As shown in the i-Kohl Chart, each Level of this CC Special Skill provides a negative MOD to the opponent in CC, no matter if the owner of i-Kohl declares CC Attack, Dodge or Engage.
  • If a trooper has any Level of i-Kohl, it automatically has all lower Levels. However, you cannot combine the advantages of different Levels of this Special Skill.
  • When using i-Kohl, troopers can employ only one Level from those at their disposal.
  • Players must indicate which Level of i-Kohl they will use when declaring the use of this Special Skill.
  • Troopers with a Structure (STR) Attribute instead of Wounds are immune to the effects of this Special Skill.

i-Kohl Chart

Name Attack Opponent Damage Burst Type of Special
i-Kohl Level 1 0 -3 0 0 -- *
i-Kohl Level 2 0 -6 0 0 -- *
i-Kohl Level 3 0 -9 0 0 -- *

NOTE*: i-Kohl can be used even when declaring Dodge or Engage.


NOTE*: i-Kohl can be used even when declaring Dodge or Engage.

i-Kohl example 1

Azra, an Odalisque with i-Kohl L3 is engaged in Close Combat with a Shaolin Monk. In spite of his strict training, the monk cannot help but be affected by the spellbinding presence of the beautiful Odalisque. The Shaolin Monk can use any of his Martial Arts Levels, but he will have to apply a -9 MOD to his CC.

i-Kohl example 2

With her natural magnetism, beautiful Azra finds herself in base to base contact with a wild and hairy 45th Highlander. However, the unstoppable force of the Caledonian will not make him immune to Azra's i-Kohl spell. The 45th may use his Berserk Special Skill (CC+6) only to see how the L3 i-Kohl turns it into a CC-3 Roll.

i-Kohl example 3

Beautiful Azra lures a Ninja on an Active Turn. He declares Move and CC against her. Once they come into base to base contact, if Azra reacts by declaring CC Attack or Dodge she will be able to implement her i-Kohl during the Face to Face Roll, but not if she declares a BS Attack.

i-Kohl functions by providing the capacity to emit designed pheromones—as well as other powerful biochemical substances—that overload the sensory receptors of any opponent close to the bearer. i-Kohl used to be a line of makeup and personal beauty products developed by the Haqqislamite cosmetic industry (Kohl was the name of the makeup used in Ancient Egypt). They soon found a more powerful and less subtle military use for these products. It is common to use the generic commercial i-Kohl name to refer to all these lines of products, whether they are used by the military or by the civilian population, be it artificial or created by the bearer's own organs—human or alien origin alike.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.9, Jan 2020
Q: When can CC Special Skills be used?
A: Automatic CC Special Skills that have the Attack label can only be used when declaring CC Attack, unless specified otherwise in the Skill.
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