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Human Sphere N3 Content.

Troopers with this CC Special Skill go into combat with an escort unit that grants them MODs while in CC. Guard has different levels. This Daedalus' Fall update replaces the version previously shown in HS N3.

CC Special Skill
  • Either in an Active or Reactive Turn, a trooper must reach or be in base to base contact with an enemy in order to be able to use this Special Skill.
  • Each level of Guard provides specific MODs to CC, as shown in the Guard Chart.
  • If a trooper has any level of Guard, it automatically has all lower levels. However, you cannot combine the advantages of different levels of this Special Skill.
  • When using Guard, troopers can employ only one Level from those at their disposal.
  • A player must indicate which Level of Guard he will use when declaring the use of this Special Skill.


Those in possession of the Guard Special Skill automatically have the Special Skill V: Courage.

Guard Chart

Name Attack Opponent Damage Burst Type of Special
Guard Level 1 0 -3 +2 0 -- --
Guard Level 2 +3 -3 +2 0 -- --
Guard Level 3 0 -3 +2 +1 -- --
Guard Level 4 +3 0 +3 +1 -- --

Ariadna instructors have taken advantage of all their years of experience training dogs in defensive and protective tactics to train Antipodes. These techniques have also been used in the rest of the Sphere to train biomodified creatures that fulfill personal security tasks, and even to program defensive robotic units. Even though the particular training is determined by the nature of the unit (biological, alien, robotic...), the final objectives and basic philosophy are always the same and have their origins in tactical dog training. The objective is to create a support and security unit that will help the owner during physical confrontations. Therefore, this unit must possess unquestionable loyalty, manageable aggressiveness, nerves of steel, and solid offensive skills. This is known as a 'firm bite' inside dog-training spheres.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.9, Jan 2020
Q: When can CC Special Skills be used?
A: Automatic CC Special Skills that have the Attack label can only be used when declaring CC Attack, unless specified otherwise in the Skill.
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