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The different levels of Fury denote the ferocity of a trooper when it enters combat, and whether he can be expected to disregard his own safety for a chance to destroy the enemy. The four levels of Fury are Extremely Impetuous, Impetuous, Frenzy, and Non Impetuous.

Fury: Extremely Impetuous

Extreme impetuous.jpg

Extremely Impetuous troopers crave only the thrill of combat, preferably up close and personal.


Impetuous Order


  • Troopers must expend their Impetuous Orders during the Impetuous Phase.
  • Impetuous Orders allow only a number of fixed combinations of Common Skills, as indicated by the Impetuous Order Chart. During an Impetuous Order, you cannot declare Skills or combinations of Skills not in the Impetuous Order Table.
  • As shown by the Chart, the order in which the Skills are declared is irrelevant (Move can be declared first or second).

Legal combinations of Skills
Airborne Deployment
Move + Activate (Activate + Move)
Move + Attack (Attack + Move)
Move + Dodge (Dodge + Move)
Move + Idle (Idle + Move)
Move + Move

The Common Skill Move is mandatory in all Impetuous Orders, where it works in a specific and limited way.

  • When a trooper declares Move as part of an Impetuous Order, he always moves the entirety of his corresponding MOV value.
  • For example, if an Impetuous (or Extremely Impetuous) trooper declares Move once during an Impetuous Order, he moves the total amount of inches indicated by the first value of his MOV. If Move is declared a second time during the Impetuous Order, he also moves the full number of inches indicated by the second value of his MOV.
  • A trooper using an Impetuous Order can move a distance shorter than the maximum only if he reaches base contact with an enemy, or if he enters an area of Special Terrain that impairs his Movement or forces him to declare Jump or Climb in order to keep moving.

Impetuous Order: Direction of Movement

When executing a Move as part of an Impetuous Order, the trooper must move towards the nearest enemy figure by the most direct route possible.

The nearest enemy figure is the one that can be reached in the least number of Orders, even if that figure is not in LoF. Jump or Climb skills must be used if that would shorten the route.


If there are no enemy figures on the table, the trooper treats the closest point in the enemy Deployment Zone as the closest enemy trooper and moves towards it as above. If the trooper is already in the enemy Deployment Zone, and there are no enemy figures on the table, then the Impetuous Order is cancelled.

Markers and figures in a Null state (Unconscious, Sepsitorized...) do not count as enemies for the purposes of Impetuous movement.

During an Impetuous Order a trooper can never move in a Prone state so he will automatically stand up at the beginning of the mandatory Move, or at the start of a Jump or Climb.

As shown by the Impetuous Order Chart, an Impetuous (or Extremely Impetuous) trooper can substitute the combination of the mandatory Common Skill Move + [allowed Skill] for the Entire Order Skills Climb or Jump if these are necessary to fulfill his obligation to advance towards the nearest enemy.

In this case, as it would when using Move, the movement declared with Climb or Jump must be the entirety of the first value of the trooper's MOV, and must be directed towards the nearest enemy figure, or towards the enemy Deployment Zone without retreating unless forced to by terrain.

Impetuous (or Extremely Impetuous) troopers that have not deployed because of the Special Skill Airborne Deployment must use their Impetuous Orders to deploy during the Impetuous Phase of their Player Turn.

Canceling an Impetuous Order

During their Impetuous Phase, players can cancel one Impetuous Order of an Extremely Impetuous trooper by expending one Regular Order from that Order Pool. To do so, remove the Impetuous Order Marker from that trooper, who cannot use it for any other purpose.

Canceling an Impetuous Order does not give the trooper the ability to benefit from Partial Cover MODs, as the trooper is still Extremely Impetuous.

Impetuous Order and Deployment

If the Impetuous Order is used to perform a deployment outside the Deployment Phase (By using a Special Skill such as Airborne Deployment, for example) the Impetuous (Or Extremely Impetuous) trooper will provide his Order to his owner the moment he is placed on the game table, adding it to the Order Pool if he is Regular, or placing it next to the trooper if he is Irregular.

The Impetuous Order cannot be used in a Retreat! situation.

Fury: Impetuous


Impetuous troopers are always eager to engage in combat.


  • Impetuous troopers have the same rules as Extremely Impetuous troopers, with the only exception that they are not obliged to expend their Impetuous Order, and can cancel it without paying the Regular Order cost.
  • To do so, simply remove the Impetuous Order Marker from the table, announcing that you decline to use it.
Impetuous troopers cannot benefit from MODs for being in Partial Cover.

Canceling an Impetuous Order does not give the trooper the ability to benefit from Partial Cover MODs, as the trooper is still Impetuous.

Fury: Frenzy


The trooper's urge to kill is barely contained. Once he gets a first taste of blood, he will become a whirlwind of death.


  • Frenzy activates only after the trooper causes an enemy to lose one point from their Wounds or STR Attribute.



N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.2
Q: Do Impetuous trooper ever consider a Piece of Equipment, Deployable Weapon, or a Perimeter Weapon, like a CrazyKoala or Netrod, to be the nearest enemy figure?
A: No.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: What happens when a troop with Nanoscreen becomes Impetuous?
A: This miniature no longer benefits from the Modifiers for Partial Cover, as indicated by the Impetuous rule.
Related Pages: Impetuous, Nanoscreen