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Human Sphere N3 Content.




  • During the Deployment Phase the activation is automatic for troopers possessing the Sapper Special Skill.
  • During the Active Turn a trooper possessing the Sapper Special Skill can activate this state by spending an Entire Order and placing a Foxhole Marker beside it.



  • A trooper automatically cancels his Foxhole state when entering the Prone state.
  • A Foxhole trooper may automatically cancel this state by declaring the Short Movement Skill Move. The player must announce he is cancelling the Foxhole state when declaring the Short Skill Move. By doing so, the state is cancelled at no cost and the trooper can carry out its Move using its regular MOV and S values.
  • When cancelling the Foxhole state, the trooper loses all the advantages provided by it, the Marker is removed from the game table and the trooper recovers his MOV and Silhouette values.

The space in which the user of this Special Skill activates the Foxhole state must have a height and width equal or higher than the Silhouette Template of this state.