Fireteams and Fury Characteristic

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Human Sphere N3 Content.
  • The Fury Characteristic Frenzy will not activate while the trooper possessing it is part of a Fireteam. If that trooper leaves the Fireteam, he will return to the Impetuous or Non Impetuous state he was in before being part of the Fireteam.
  • Troopers with the Frenzy Fury Characteristic who are in the Impetuous state, or with the Impetuous or Extreme Impetuous Fury Characteristics, are Non Impetuous while part of a Fireteam. Once such troopers leave the Fireteam they return to their Impetuous or Extreme Impetuous state.
  • Any Fireteam that is an exception to this rule will specify this in its description.