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Reactive Turn

In the Reactive Turn, all linked figures (The Team Leader and all members) gain all Bonuses provided for being part of a Linked Team (Depending the number of members the Team has). Contrary to an Active Turn, the linked figures, when reacting in ARO, perform dice rolls and apply their effects to the enemy, and they still benefit from Linked Team Bonuses.

During the Reactive Turn, all linked troops in LOF or ZC of an enemy figure must perform the same ARO against the enemy miniature if they react to it (But they apply the Linked Team Bonuses). Don’t forget, they must be inside the ZC of the Team Leader to profit from these bonuses. When facing Coordinated Orders, figures with G: Synchronized, or another Linked Team, each figure in the Linked Team may choose a different enemy figure to react to, but the ARO they perform must be the same.

Example (Reactive Turn): A 45th Highlander armed with a Chain Rifle, in his active turn, declares a shot against the Linked Team of 5 Keisotsus. The Yu Jing player calculates the Large Teardrop Template of the Chain Rifle will only affect 3 of his Keisotsus (Numbered as 1, 2 and 3). If he declares Shoot as an ARO, those 3 Keisotsus will need to perform an ARM roll, so he decides to not risk them and declares Dodge for those 3 Keisotsus, and also for Keisotsu #4. This figure, who is not affected by the Template, will use the Dodge Skill to take Partial Cover. Keisotsu #5 doesn’t declare an ARO as he is in Partial Cover already


Example (Reactive Turn): An Auxilia and her Auxbot declare a Short Move Skill in LOF of the Linked Team of 5 Keisotsus. The 5 Keisotsus declare the same ARO, to Shoot, but 3 of them target the Auxilia, the other 2 the Auxbot. Thanks to the G: Synchronized Special Skill, the Auxilia and the Auxbot can choose different targets. The Auxilia declares that as the second Short Skill of her Order she will Shoot Keisotsu #1, and the Auxbot declares Shoot as well, but against Keisotsu #2. As the Keisotsus are part of a Linked Team of 5 figures, they can all apply the corresponding Bonuses.

Face to Face Rolls are performed between the Auxilia and Keisotsu #1, who has a Bonus Modifier of +3 to his BS Attribute and also +1 to the Burst of his weapon in ARO, so he will shoot twice. As the Auxbot attacks with a Direct Template weapon, Keisotsu #2 performs two Normal Rolls, thanks to the Bonus of +1 to the Burst of his weapon in ARO. Keisotsu #2 also gains a Modifier of +3 to his BS, but he will have to make an ARM Roll for being hit by the Template weapon. The other Keisotsus, who perform Normal Rolls as they are not being attacked, will also apply the Bonuses to their Shooting AROs .



– Can a model with more than B1 in the Reactive Turn split it's Burst between multiple targets in ARO?

No, models with a burst higher than 1 in the Reactive Turn may only fire at a single enemy model.

How does Suppression Fire work in ARO with link teams?

To sum up, a linked team whose leader has declared a Suppression Fire, during his/her reactive turn, ARO, only the leader can shoot in order to keep the supressive fire, (applying all the bonuses +1 Burst. +3 BS). The rest of the linked team members can't shoot and in the case of declaring an ARO different to that of the leader they´ll leave the team."

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