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Human Sphere N3 Content.

Due its reduced size, the Fireteam: Haris is considered a support team to the main combat force. However this type of Fireteam can also take a more proactive role as an attack resource.


When creating a Fireteam: Haris or Duo, the Fireteam belongs to the unit of the trooper with the Fireteam: Haris or Duo Special Skill. For example, in OperationS, A Deva Haris + two Yadu would be a Deva Fireteam, and a Yadu Haris + Yadu + Deva would be a Yadu Fireteam.


In addition to the Fireteam Common Requirements, a Fireteam: Haris has to fulfill the following specific Requirements:

  • Only those units specified on their Sectorial Army List can compose a Fireteam: Haris.
  • At least one of the members of this Type of Fireteam must have the Fireteam: Haris Special Skill.
  • A Fireteam: Haris is composed of two or three members.
  • A player can only have a single Fireteam: Haris on the table, unless a Scenario Special Rule or some other Special Skill state otherwise.


  • Fireteam: Haris allows players to compose two or three member Fireteams.
  • This Type of Fireteam allows players to apply the two or three member Fireteam bonuses.
  • A Fireteam: Haris is identified by the Haris Leader Marker (F: HARIS LEADER), which is the equivalent to the Team Leader of the Infinity Fireteams rule.


In addition to the Cancellation conditions specified on the Infinity Fireteams rule, a Fireteam: Haris is cancelled when it is reduced to less than two members.

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