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Human Sphere N3 Content.

The Fireteam: Duo is the smallest of all types of Fireteams, as it has only two members.


In addition to the Fireteam Common Requirements, a Fireteam: Duo has to fulfill the following specific Requirements:

  • A Fireteam: Duo must be composed of a maximum of two troopers.
  • Both members of the Fireteam: Duo must belong to the same unit, or those combinations of units indicated on their Sectorial Army List.
  • One of the members must have the Special Skill Fireteam: Duo.


  • Fireteam: Duo allows players to compose two member Fireteams.
  • This Type of Fireteam allows players to apply the two member Fireteam bonuses.
  • A Fireteam: Duo is identified by the Duo Leader Marker (F: DUO LEADER), which is the equivalent to the Team Leader of the Infinity Fireteams rule.
  • A player can have more than one Fireteam: Duo on the game table.


In addition to the Cancellation conditions specified in the Infinity Fireteams rule, a Fireteam: Duo is cancelled when it is reduced to less than two members.


Fireteam: Duo example. Support Skill

On their Active Turn, a Fireteam: Duo of two Knights of Santiago declares the first Short Skill of the Order: Move. The Team Leader has a Spitfire, and declares a BS Attack as the second Short Skill of the Order. This is a combination of Movement + Support Skills. Both Knights of Santiago move, but only the Team Leader performs the BS rolls. Being a Fireteam: Duo, the Leader does not receive any MOD.
During their Reactive Turn' the Knights of Santiago Fireteam: Duo reacts in ARO declaring BS Attack against an enemy trooper activated by an Order. Being part of a Fireteam: Duo, both Knights of Santiago apply no MOD to their B.

Fireteam: Duo Example. CC

Let's now suppose that during their Active Turn, a Fireteam: Duo of two Knights of Santiago had declared the Movement + CC Attack Order against an Alguacil. Only the Knight of Santiago designated as Team Leader will be able to perform the CC Attack, receiving a MOD of +1 to B bonus thanks to the other Knight of Santiago engaged in CC. If the Knight of Santiago succeeds the roll, then he can also apply the MOD of +1 to Damage provided by the other Knight.

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