Face to Face Rolls

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Face to Face Rolls

When two or more troops act at the same time to try to thwart each other's progress, Face to Face Rolls are used to determine which side acts faster and more effectively.

To do so, both players roll for their troops involved in the face-off and compare each result to the relevant Attribute, as they would in a Normal Roll. Failures are simply discarded but, unlike in a Normal Roll, each side's successes are compared to the other sides'.

When comparing, successes cancel enemy successes with a lower die result—even if they are canceled, in turn, by higher enemy successes.

Here is a rundown of possible outcomes:

  • Both fail. No one achieved their goal.
  • One fails and the other passes. The trooper that succeeded wins the Face to Face Roll and achieves its goal.
  • Both pass. The trooper with the higher successful die cancels the enemy successes, wins the Face to Face Roll and achieves its goal.
  • Both pass, but one of the successes is Critical. The trooper who got a Critical wins the Face to Face Roll, even if the critical roll was lower than the enemy success.
  • Both successes are Critical. Neither trooper wins the Face to Face Roll as both Criticals cancel each other and no effects are applied. Non-critical successes are discarded.
  • One rolls a Critical and the other rolls two (or more) Criticals. As in the previous case, all Criticals are cancelled and no effects are applied.
Breaking ties
Face to Face Rolls can result in a tie. In the event of a tie (Criticals or not), both rolls cancel each other, no effects are applied and the Order is spent.
For actions to be resolved with a Face to Face Roll, both troops must affect each other directly. If either action does not affect the outcome of the other, use Normal Rolls instead.
In a Face to Face Roll, the winner prevents the loser's action, usually meaning that the loser's shots miss. In this scenario any Disposable or limited weapons or equipment (such as Panzerfaust, Mines, E/Maulers...) are used up in the attempt.

Face to Face Roll: Dodge and Reset

In a Face to Face Roll, success in the Common Skills Dodge and Reset does not affect the ability of the attacker to execute their action, only their ability to affect the dodging/resetting troop. For example, dodging an Attack with several targets only cancels the attack against the troop who dodged, and does not cancel the attack against the rest of the targets.

Face to Face Roll Example: One versus One

The Fusilier Angus opens fire against the Alguacil Ortega, who shoots back. Angus' Ballistic Skill (BS) is 12, while Ortega has a BS of 11. They both roll their dice. Angus gets a 4, and Ortega gets a 7. Both pass their rolls, but Ortega's result is higher and he wins the Face to Face Roll, canceling Angus' success. Angus gets shot before he can even pull the trigger!

Face to Face Roll plus Normal Roll

The Fusilier Angus attempts fire against Ortega, who again shoots back. However, Angus failed to notice the Alguacil Díaz behind him, preparing to open fire into his back. The actions of Angus and Ortega affect each other's outcome, so they make a Face to Face Roll. However, Angus' action does not affect Díaz's, so he makes a Normal Roll against the Fusilier. The result of Díaz's Normal Roll is unaffected by the result of the Face to Face Roll between Angus and Ortega.

Two Simultaneous Face to Face Rolls:

Angus survives the previous attack and corrects his position so he can fire against both Ortega and Díaz. Both Alguaciles fire back. This time, two separate Face to Face Rolls are made: Angus versus Ortega and Angus versus Díaz.

Angus possesses a Combi Rifle, a weapon with Burst 3, allowing him to shoot 3 times. Angus fires two shots against Ortega and the third against Díaz. In his Face to face Roll against Ortega, Angus rolls a 9 and a 4, two successes. Meanwhile, Ortega rolls a 5, another success too. As Ortega's success is higher than the 4 rolled by Angus, this is cancelled. However, the 9 rolled by Angus cancels the 5, as this is a lower success. In this way, Ortega takes a single hit, as his roll managed to cancel the other one.

Meanwhile, in the Face to Face Roll against Díaz, Angus rolls an 11, a success. However, Díaz rolls an 11 too. This seems to be a tie, but Díaz's modified BS Attribute value is 11, which means he scored a Critical success, cancelling Angus' success. So, our favourite Fusilier is shot again.