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This Special Skill marks the trooper's capacity to detonate in a blast, voluntarily or otherwise. Explode is a Special Skill with several Levels.



The user must be in the Unconscious state for this Special Skill to activate.

  • This Special Skill forces its user to detonate automatically when he enters in the Unconscious state.
  • At the end of the Order in which the user entered the Unconscious state, place a Circular Template centered on the user's base. This Circular Template indicates the Area of Effect of the explosion.
  • Explode causes Damage 13 hits with Shock Special Ammunition.
  • Once all Rolls have been made, the user enters in Dead state and it is removed from the game table.

If the user enters the Dead state directly due to a Special Skill (such as V: Dogged), a Special Ammunition (such as Shock) or because he suffered the loss of more Wounds than his current Attribute during a single Order, then he does not Explode.


If a unit's Troop Profile indicates only "Explode", consider that unit to have Level 1 of this Special Skill.

The use of explosive devices connected to 'dead man' triggers (i.e., detonators that activate only when the operator is incapacitated) is regarded as moral anathema across the Human Sphere, as demonstrated by international laws both military and civilian (see Chapter 3 of the Concilium Convention and the titles therein). The extensive use of such devices is a hallmark of the Combined Army, particularly among the Morat race, whose contempt for the lives of other species is well documented. However, there have been denunciations of the use of similar methods by the Yu Jing Imperial Service. The Emperor himself has personally assured inquirers that all Judiciary Police units follow Yu Jing laws rigorously, and that any possible incompatibilities between these laws and international legislation are to be settled via the approved protocols in the Concilium High Court. Human Rights advocates have accused the Emperor and the Yu Jing Party of stalling all judiciary processes on the matter, both in Yu Jing and international courts.


Third Offensive Content.
Attack, Optional
  • The trooper employing this Level must deploy using the Special Skill AD: Airborne Deployment.
  • This Level of the Special Skill Explode only can be applied after placing the model on the battlefield, after deploying it with AD: Combat Jump.
  • When you have deployed one of your troopers with this Special Skill, place a Circular Template, which represents the Area of Effect of the explosion, considering this to be an Attack with a Direct Template Weapon.
  • The center of the Circular Template (Blast Focus) must be centered over the center of the base of the user of this Special Skill.
  • Explode Level X causes Damage 12 hits with Normal Ammunition.
  • Explode Level X is a single use Special Skill. Its user cannot explode again.
  • Explode Level X does not include other Levels of the Special Skill Explode.


Troopers declaring an Attack with a Direct Template Weapon are not affected by it

Example of Explode Level X:

In her Active Turn, a Yu Jing player declares AD: Combat Jump with a Liu Xing. She places the Circular Template that represents the Drop Zone on the battlefield and places the trooper in one of its borders, but completely within the Drop Zone. Then, the player makes the PH Roll required by the Special Skill. If the trooper passes the Roll, the player would place the Circular Template that represents the Area of Effect of the explosion centered on the Liu Xing.

Following the Direct Template Rules, if the Circular Template of the explosion affects, for example, a Camouflage or TO Camouflage Marker without having a valid target inside the Template, or affects a friendly or Neutral trooper, then that explosion is cancelled and considered null.

If the Yu Jing player fails the PH Roll, she should apply the Dispersion Rules, and would place the Circular Template of the explosion after having determined the final position of the Liu Xing.

Example of Explode Level X and Coordinated Order:

In her Active Turn, a Yu Jing player declares a Coordinated Order to deploy two Liu Xing with AD: Combat Jump. As in the previous case, she places the Circular Template of the Drop Zone and the first trooper inside it, making the PH Roll of the Special Skill. If the trooper passes the Roll, she places the Circular Template of the explosion. Then she repeats the process with the second Liu Xing, but if an explosion affects the other Liu Xing, then, according to the Direct Template Weapons rules, that explosion is cancelled and considered null since it is affecting a friendly trooper.

The ablative protection casing of some heavy units with orbital and sub-orbital jump capability is designed to outwardly deflagrate as soon as it contacts the ground. This effectively transforms the deployment of these units into an artillery strike, which has a huge impact, both material and psychological.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 2.0, May 2020
Q: Can Explode Special Skill accidentally hit Impersonation markers, or does it count as an Attack?
A: Explode LX cannot, because it is an Attack. Explode L1 can, because it does not have the Attack label, therefore it does not count as an Attack.
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