Enhanced Reaction

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  • The target must be a REM from the same Army List as the user, and must be inside the user's Hacking Area.
  • The target cannot currently be benefiting from the effects of another GADGET Program.
  • Enhanced Reaction grants the target REM a Burst value of 2 in ARO.
  • When the user activates this program, which does not require a Roll, place a numbered Supportware Marker (SUPPORTWARE) beside him.
  • Also, place an Enhanced Reaction: B2 Marker (E. REACTION: B2) in base to base contact with the REM.
  • The effects of Enhanced Reaction persist until the end of the following Player Turn after the declaration of this Hacking Program, at which point you must remove all corresponding Markers.
  • Once activated, this program's range covers the entire game table.

  • Each Hacker can only sustain one active Supportware program at a time.
  • Hackers may voluntarily cancel an active Supportware program by declaring another and expending the corresponding Order.
  • Supportware programs are automatically canceled whenever their user enters in a Disabled or Isolated state or any Null state.