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This state activates when the trooper is in base contact with an enemy trooper.


  • Troopers in Engaged state are considered to be in Close Combat (CC).
  • For this reason, they can only declare CC Attack, Coup de Grâce, Dodge and those Skills which specify that they can be used in CC Combat or in the Engaged state, as Reset.
  • Troopers in the Engaged state cannot draw LoF outside their Close Combat.
  • Troopers in the Engaged state can only use those weapons with the CC Trait.
  • When declaring a BS Attack against a trooper in Engaged state, then the rule BS Attacks into Close Combat must be applied.
  • Template Weapons that affect a trooper in Engaged state affect all troopers in that Close Combat, even if some of them are not in direct contact with the Template.


  • This state is cancelled when the trooper ceases to be in base contact with any enemy troopers.
  • The Engaged state can be cancelled when all the adversaries are in a Null or Immobilized state. The remaining trooper can then declare Move (but following the structure of the Order) to separate from the adversary and to cancel the Engaged state.
  • If the adversary passes to Unconscious state (with an Unconscious or a Spawn-Embryo Marker), then the trooper could also declare a Coup de Grâce in any following Order to cancel the Engaged state.
  • A trooper can also cancel the Engaged state by succeeding in a Dodge Roll, whether it's a Normal or Face to Face Roll.