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End-Game Conditions

Depending on the desired length and type of battle, players can choose different ways to decide when an Infinity game is over.

The Infinity game system has a standard end-game condition called Retreat! , designed to be used by default, and a series of alternative end-game conditions that players can use if they agree to beforehand or if they are playing a tournament or special mission that requires them.

Standard End-Game Condition: Retreat!

See the Retreat! page for full details.

Alternative End-Game Condition: Sudden Death Mode

See the Sudden Death Mode page for full details.

End-Game: Scenario Mode

This end-game mode is used when playing a mission or scenario with explicit end-game conditions. In this case, apply the end-game conditions stated in the scenario rules.

End-Game: Limited Time Frame Mode

The Limited Time Frame Mode establishes a time limit for the game. This mode is most often used in tournaments and championships, but can serve as a way for players to increase the difficulty of the game by restricting the time they have to execute their strategy. In Limited Time Frame Mode, players must be informed beforehand of the total time limit for the game, and also of the time limit for each of their player turns.

Triumph and Defeat. Victory Conditions in Infinity

Once the game is over, it is time to determine the victor. The player who fulfills all victory conditions wins the game, but the conditions that govern victory—or defeat—depend on the type of game played.

Standard game

In a Standard Game, the players meet on the battlefield with the goal of eliminating the opponent's forces. There is no specific objective, except destroying the enemy while suffering as few casualties as possible.

At the end of a Standard Game, both players compare their Victory Points'. In Infinity, Victory Points are the player's Surviving Troops Points. That is, the sum of the Cost in points of those troops that survived the battle (by not finishing it in one of the Null states). The player with the most Victory Points wins the game.

Mission or Scenario

The tactical flexibility and troop variety of Infinity allow for games that go beyond simply destroying the opponent's forces.

In order to spice things up, or to recreate wartime special operations or high-stakes espionage missions, you can play games with a series of objectives that transcend mere carnage (such as downloading crucial data from a console in the middle of the game table) or that add unusual game conditions (different Deployment Zones or variable time limits, for instance). When a game has goals beyond wholesale elimination of the enemy, it becomes a mission, or a scenario.

Missions pose an additional challenge to players, who must prioritize between eliminating the enemy and pursuing the objectives.

Each scenario or mission must specify the objectives players will strive to complete. During the mission, achieving objectives nets players Objective Points, at a rate determined beforehand by the mission rules. Missions and scenarios can also have their own Victory Conditions, specified in the End of Mission section of their rules. These may include, for example, an objective or objectives that must be accomplished to achieve victory. The player who fulfills all Victory Conditions of the scenario wins the game. If no specific Victory Conditions are stipulated, victory goes to the player with the most Objective Points at the end of the game.

The amount of Victory Points each player has is always used to Break Ties if both players earn the same amount of Objective Points in a scenario.

Playing Scenarios

This Core Book includes a number of scenarios so you can try exciting new game modes, but don't forget to take a look at the Infinity Tournament System section on the official Infinity website, where you can download the official tournament rules.

Tournament game

In a Tournament, Victory Conditions depend on the type of event. In an official ITS tournament, Victory Conditions are determined by the official ITS rules. In a non-ITS event, tournament rules are determined by the organizers.

ITS rules

Remember that the ITS rules, Infinity's organized play system, are freely available from the Downloads section of the official Infinity website.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.5, Jan 2019
Q: How are troopers with G: Servant and G: Synchronized counted for Dominating Zones of Operations, Killing and Victory Points?
A: Troops with G: Servant have their own cost in points and that is the value that is used to count Victory Points, Killing or points for Dominate a Zone. In the case of troops with a G: Synchronized or G: Servant trooper included in their unit entry, break down the points cost for each trooper. For example, an Auxilia and its Auxbot cost 14 points, but the breakdown of points indicates that the Auxbot costs 4 points, which are part of the 14 points of the Synchronized Unit, so the Auxilia costs 10 points. So, if both are in the same area to be controlled, the Synchronized Unit would add 14 points (not 18) and if they are in different areas you would have to count 4 points in one area for the Auxbot and 10 points (14-4) by the Auxilia in the other area. It works in the same way for calculating Victory Points and Killing.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.5, Jan 2019
Q: If a trooper with the Baggage Special Skill is in a Null state, how do they interact with Retreat!, Killing and Victory Points?
A: As Automatic Equipment does not work while in a Null state, the extra Army Points or Victory Points for Baggage do not apply. For example an Ikadron that survives the game in a non-Null state is worth 29 Victory Points, but if it is in a Null state it will only be worth 9 points for Killing. In addition, the force’s Retreat! threshold is based on the number of non-Null troopers with Baggage.
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