E/M2 Special Ammunition

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Human Sphere N3 Content.


This ammunition emits an extremely powerful double electromagnetic pulse to disable the target's electronics.




After a successful attack using E/M2 Special Ammunition, the target must make two BTS Rolls using half his BTS value.


  • E/M2 Special Ammunition works in the same way as E/M Special Ammunition (see Infinity N3) but forces its target to make two BTS Rolls per impact suffered. E/M2 Special Ammunition reduces the BTS value of its target to half of its original value, rounding up.
  • Critical hits with E/M2 Special Ammunition cause the target suffer its effects (Isolated, etc.) directly, bypassing both halved BTS Rolls.

E/M2 Ammo Chart

BTS Attribute: Value Against E/M Ammo:
0 0
3 2
6 3
9 5

E/M2 Special Ammunition and CC Weapons

Close Combat Weapons that use E/M2 Special Ammunition cause Normal damage in addition to the E/M effect.

Consequently, the target must make an ARM Roll in addition to the BTS Roll (with half its usual BTS value). For both Rolls, the CC Weapon's Damage is the trooper's PH Attribute. Critical hits in CC are always applied to the E/M2 effect.

ATTENTION: This Type of ammunition is forbidden by the Concilium Convention. Its use will be penalized by the international courts.

Weapons which shoot E/M2 Special Ammunition carry larger projectiles with warheads carrying two E/M multifrequency pulse emitters. With this Special Ammunition a soldier gets higher power and effectiveness against protected hi-tech systems.

E/M2 ammunition is basically enhanced E/M ammunition. Design requirements were focused specifically to get an increased power and effectiveness, without any constraint related to the size of the projectiles. E/M2 ammunition has been conceived to load heavy ordnance warheads or just to load disposable weapons, so the size and weight of the projectiles is not an inconvenience.