Dual Wield

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Troopers with this CC Special Skill have been specially trained to be able to effectively wield a Close Combat weapon in each hand.

Optional, CC Special Skill.
  • The user must enter or be in base to base contact with an enemy. This Special Skill can be used in both Active and Reactive Turns.
  • This CC Special Skill allows the user to combine the effects of the Special Ammunitions of two different CC Weapons.

Miyamoto Mushashi, Mercenary duelist with the Dual Wield Special Skill, has succeeded in a Face to Face CC Roll against a PanOceanian Swiss Guard. Since Miyamoto has an AP CC Weapon as well as an EXP CC Weapon, the Swiss Guard must make three ARM Rolls (caused by the EXP Special Ammunition) and apply the effect of the AP Special Ammunition (halving the ARM value of the target) to each of them.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.9, Jan 2020
Q: When can CC Special Skills be used?
A: Automatic CC Special Skills that have the Attack label can only be used when declaring CC Attack, unless specified otherwise in the Skill.
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