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In Infinity, Damage is the capacity of a weapon, Attack, Special Skill, piece of Equipment, Hacking Program, etc. to harm or impair its target in any way. The Damage value, represented by a number, is indicated on the weapon's profile or in the rules for the specific Special Skill, Equipment, etc.

However, this Damage is not usually applied to the target as is. Most often, the target has a chance to avoid harm by passing an ARM/BTS Roll to ignore the Damage.

Generally speaking, each success in an Attack Roll forces the target to make one separate ARM/BTS Roll.

The description of the type of Attack, Ammunition, Special Skill, Equipment, Hacking Program, etc. indicates whether a successful Attack with it forces the target to make an ARM Roll or BTS Roll.

Certain Special Ammunition, Attacks, Equipment, Hacking Programs, etc. force the target to make more than one ARM/BTS Roll for each success in the Attack Roll. Others cause the target to lose more than one Wounds/Structure point when an ARM/BTS Roll is failed, or cause a change in the state of the target... The specific effects of each type of Ammunition, Attack, etc. are explained in their rules.

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