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  • The user must be outside the LoF of all enemies.
  • By passing a WIP Roll, the user enters the Impersonation-2 state.
  • Replace the user's model with an Impersonation-2 Marker (IMP-2).
  • The effects of this program persist until the user reveals himself as per the Impersonation-2 state rules.
  • This program affects only the Hacker himself and therefore has no range.


A Hacker in the Camouflaged, TO or similar state may not enter the Impersonation-2 state, and vice versa.

  • Each Hacker can only sustain one active Supportware program at a time.
  • Hackers may voluntarily cancel an active Supportware program by declaring another and expending the corresponding Order.
  • Supportware programs are automatically canceled whenever their user enters in a Disabled or Isolated state or any Null state.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Can a Hacker that acquired the Impersonation-2 state using the Hacking Program: Cybermask declare a Surprise Attack or a Surprise Shot?
A: Yes. As stated in the Impersonation-2 state Effects of the online version (updated from the Errata file), a trooper in this state may use the Surprise Attack or Surprise Shot L1 Special Skills.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: When a Hacker equipped with ODD uses the Hacking Program: Cybermask, does his ODD turn off? When will the ODD turn on again?
A: A trooper can only use or benefit from one Special Skill, piece of Equipment or Hacking Program with the NFB Trait or Label in the same Order.

When you use Cybermask, the ODD will turn off because this Equipment has the NFB Trait and any Special Skill or Equipment with this Trait or Label is incompatibe with any other Special Skill or Equipment that has the same Trait or Label.

The ODD will turn on when you cancel or turn off the effect of the Special Skill, Equipment, or in this case the Hacking Program, that produces the disconnection.

As an example, this means a trooper cannot benefit from the ODD and also the Surprise Shot provided by Cybermask in the same Order.

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