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Civilians in Infinity

Covert operations are the brand of Infinity, and those are usually highly precise and surgical missions executed when there is no one to witness, just to keep their secrecy.

However, sometimes the objectives of the mission could include civilians. In such situations, troopers can interact with non-combatant personnel, synchronizing with them and performing what is called a CivEvac.

The rules of engagement however prevent causing harm to civilians.


Therefore Civilians cannot be part of any Combat Group and don't provide Orders to an Order Reserve.
  • Civilians are considered Neutral, unless some rule, Special Skill or piece of Equipment states the contrary.
  • Civilians don't block LoF.
  • It is not allowed to declare Attacks against Civilians. So, if the player declares an Attack with a Template weapon that affects a Civilian, then that shot is considered null (But not any other shot of the same Burst with no Civilian affected by a Template). All those troops who were affected by the nullified shot can still declare ARO.
In such a situation, if the Template weapon has the Expendable Trait one use is considered spent.
However, if any player causes harm to a Civilian (meaning the Civilian enters a Null state), then that player automatically loses the game and any Objective Points he would have gotten. In addition, in a compensatory way, the player's opponent gets 2 extra Objective Points, but these points cannot bring his total number above 10.
Some Scenario Special Rules or mission Objectives can modify this rule.
  • Civilians cannot activate nor suffer Attacks from Deployable weapons or pieces of Equipment, which will consider them as friendly troopers.
  • Automatic Attacks (as the one of the Explode Special Skill, for example) which affect a Civilian will be considered null.

As Civilians are considered Neutral models, being in base to base contact with them doesn't activate the Engaged state (see Infinity N3).


Example. Attacking a Civilian

A trooper declares two BS Attacks with a Heavy Rocket Launcher (B 2) in Blast Mode. When placing the Circular Templates, the player realizes one of the Attacks also affects a Civilian, so that Attack is null. However, the other Attack is resolved in a normal way.

Example. Automatic Attack and a Civilian

A Civilian is close to a Gaki, a trooper possessing the Explode Special Skill. The Gaki fails an ARM Roll, entering the Unconscious state, so its Explode Special Skill is activated. When placing the Circular Template, the player checks it affects the Civilian model, so the Attack with the Circular Template is considered null, enemy troopers affected by the template can declare their AROs and the Gaki enters the Dead state at the end of the Order.

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Civilian Rules (ITS11)

Synchronize Civilian

This Common Skill allows a model to control a Civilian in game.

  • Only models and not markers can perform this Common Skill. Any Marker which declares Synchronize Civilian is automatically revealed.
  • Troopers must be in base to base contact with the targeted Civilian to declare Synchronize Civilian.
  • The targeted Civilian cannot be in a CivEvac state with an enemy model.
  • A model cannot declare this Common Skill if any of the following is true:
  • If the model successfully passes a WIP Roll, the Civilian enters the CivEvac state (see CivEvac state).
  • Failing the WIP Roll causes the Civilian to move two inches in a random direction. To determine the direction of the movement, the player must place a Circular Template over the Civilian model, with the number one pointing to the center of the table, and roll a d20. The result will point the direction in which the Civilian will move. This Movement must follow the General Movement rules explained in the Move Common Skill rules (see Infinity N3).
  • If the Civilian is considered Hostile, due to any game condition or Scenario Special Rule, then the player must apply a -3 MOD to the WIP Roll.
  • A Hostile Civilian is identified by a Hostile Marker.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.5, Jan 2019
Q: Do Synchronized Civilians generate AROs?
A: The Civilians do not generate AROs. Note that a Mine whose template affects a Civilian at any point during the Order will not be triggered.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: If a Pilot or Remote Pilot has a Supply Box, an item from a Panoply or any Synched Civilians, what happens if the Pilot or Remote Pilot Mounts his TAG again?
A: The TAG will have the Supply Box or item from the Panoply and will have any Civilians Synched to them. The same applies if the Pilot or Remote Pilot Dismounts from a TAG that has a Supply Box, an item from a Panoply or any Synched Civilians.
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