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N2 Human Sphere & Paradiso Content, to be updated!
This weapon profile is from the FAQ for Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso.
Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Chain-Colt -- -- -- -- 13 1 N Direct Template (Small Teardrop), Intuitive Attack

The Chain-colt, basically a red-hot shrapnel launcher, is the light and compact version of the Chain Rifle. Although both weapons work the same way, the Chain-colt possesses a smaller electric trigger, so it has a shorter range. However, the cylindrical magazine which contains the inner feeding chain allows a faster reloading speed. Its compact size (Which allows it to be hidden easily) shorter range and lack of specific instruction required to use this weapon, has made the Chain-colt the ideal weapon for urban guerrilla warfare. Produced under license in many countries, it is a weapon currently in widespread use throughout the Human Sphere. Those versions implanted into a user’s body are illegal under international law.