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CC Special Skills are Specials Skills that can be used while engaged in Close Combat.

All Skills included in the group of CC Special Skills share a few common traits:

  • Their use is optional.
  • They are only usable in Close Combat, so a trooper must be in base to base contact with an enemy in order to use them.
  • CC Special Skills, as well as all MODs provided by them, work and are applied in both Active and Reactive Turns, unless otherwise specified.
  • If a trooper has more than one CC Special Skill, he can use them all and combine their effects. For instance, a trooper with Berserk and Martial Arts can apply both and combine the MODs provided by the former with the MODs of one of the Levels of the latter.

If a CC Special Skill is an exception to these rules, it is stated explicitly in its description.

How to Read CC Charts

Some CC Special Skills give a trooper a series of MODs and advantages that are displayed in Charts with the following elements:

  • Attack MOD: A MOD to the CC Attribute of the user when making a CC Attack.
  • Opponent MOD: A MOD applied to the Attribute of an enemy when making a Face to Face Roll.
  • Damage MOD: A MOD to the PH Attribute of the user to determine the Damage of a successful CC Attack.
  • Burst MOD: A MOD to the B value of the user's CC Weapon (Knife, CC Weapon, Pistol...) when making a CC Attack.
  • Type of Damage: Special effects applied to the Damage done in CC by the user.
  • Special: General special effects the user can apply.

CC Special Skills