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Common Skill employed to attack in melee combat against an opponent in base to base contact.

  • The user must be in base to base contact with an enemy.
  • The user employs his CC Attribute to fight in Close Combat (CC).
  • By declaring a CC Attack, troopers automatically draw their CC Weapons. If they have more than one CC Weapon in their profile, they can choose which ones to use. When declaring a CC Attack players can only use those weapons with the CC Trait.
  • If the attacker has more than one target and a Burst value higher than 1, he must distribute his attacks as part of the CC Attack declaration.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: What happens if a trooper is using Jump or Super-Jump and enters base contact with an enemy trooper while in mid-air? Will they be able to declare a CC Attack while in mid-air?
A: The active trooper will automatically stop moving when they enter base contact, and will then fall vertically from that position, receiving Damage from the fall if is applicable. A CC Attack by either trooper will require base contact at the end of the fall.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.9, Jan 2020
Q: When can CC Special Skills be used?
A: Automatic CC Special Skills that have the Attack label can only be used when declaring CC Attack, unless specified otherwise in the Skill.
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