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The basic rules are one of the pillars of the general game mechanics; these are the rules all players must know in order to play. This chapter, along with the next one: Combat, creates the game engine that establishes Infinity as an excellent modern tactical combat simulator.

Basic Rules establish the Infinity troops features and the way in which they behave inside the game environment. They also determine how to create combat forces and the rules needed to begin playing, as well as the game structure. The pivotal section of this chapter though is the explanation of the Orders system, as this is the central core of the game model players will be constantly using. It is the system that will enable players to participate during the entire game without having to stop playing at any point.

Basic Rules Human Sphere N3

The basic rules are one of the pillars of the general game mechanics; these are the rules all players must know in order to play. This chapter introduces a new rule called Coherency. This rule is needed to apply some new Special Skills and pieces of Equipment featured in this expansion of the Infinity ruleset. You will find also the rules needed to replace models and Markers when playing.

Basic Rules Subsections

  • Volume and Silhouette Templates In game terms, all troops occupy an unvarying volume on the table. This volume is cylinder-shaped, with its width determined by the base size and its height by the type of troop
  • Line of Fire (LoF) Line of Fire (LoF) is the criterion by which players determine whether a troop can see its target (another model, a Marker, etc.).
  • Zone of Control Troopers have an awareness of their surroundings thanks to rear sensors or plain (or augmented) hearing.
  • Rolls Infinity uses 20-sided dice (commonly known as d20) to determine whether specific actions are successful.
  • Dispersion Some Special Skills and pieces of Equipment, including certain weapons, can malfunction or ricochet if the player fails the relevant Roll, altering the trajectory and final point of impact or landing.
  • Unit Profile In Infinity, troops are grouped into Units. A Unit is a group of soldiers of a specific army. All soldiers within a Unit have received the same training and have the same Attributes, Skills, and the same basic gear. Each Unit has a Unit Profile with all the data you need to play it.
  • Army List The Army List is the list of troops that make up the combat forces the player will be using during the game.
  • Initiative and Deployment Before the game begins, players make a Face to Face Roll using their respective Lieutenant’s WIP Attributes. The winner of the Initiative Roll can choose between keeping Deployment and keeping Initiative.