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This piece of Equipment allows users to heal themselves, recovering from the Unconscious state without intervention from Doctors or Paramedics.


The user of this piece of Equipment must be in Unconscious state.

  • This piece of Equipment allows its user to spend the Entire Order required to activate it despite being in a Null state.
  • The user of AutoMediKit must spend one Entire Order and then make a PH Roll.
  • If the PH Roll is successful, the user recovers one point of Wounds automatically, canceling the Unconscious state and removing the Unconscious Marker from the game.
  • If the PH Roll fails, the user enters the Dead state directly and must be removed from the game.
  • Using AutoMediKit, troopers can recover from the Unconscious state as many times as desired, as long as they keep declaring Entire Orders and passing their PH Rolls.

An AutoMediKit is a nano-medical device integrated into the personal tactical gear of certain select units. It is an incredibly sophisticated contraption used only by the most technologically advanced armies. In addition to monitoring the wearer's vitals, it responds to injury by injecting a fast-acting nanorepair serum that stabilizes the soldier long enough to continue serving as a combat asset or evacuate to a field hospital for further treatment.