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Members of this alien race have a unique in-game behavior in that they form Assault Packs.


Members of an Assault Pack always act in unison as a single trooper: they all activate with a single Order, declare the same Skills, choose the same target, and generate a single ARO.

  • In order to field troopers with this Special Skill, you must include a trooper with an Antipode Control Device in the same Combat Group.
  • All members of an Assault Pack belong to the same Combat Group, where they count as one single trooper.
  • Troopers with this Special Skill deploy in Assault Packs of at least three members.
  • When you declare an Order, name one member of the Assault Pack as that Order's Spearhead, and place a Spearhead Marker (SPEARHEAD) beside him.
  • All members of an Assault Pack generate one single Order between them and activate in unison with a single Order.
  • All members of an Assault Pack must declare and execute the exact same sequence of Skills.
  • If one of the Skills of the Order demands a target, all members of the Assault Pack must act against the same single target.
  • Should one of the members of the Assault Pack be unable to execute the Entire Order (or both Short Skills of the Order) declared, then that member must remain idle while the rest act normally.
  • Should one of the members of the Assault Pack be unable to execute either of the two Short Skills of the Order declared, then that member must carry out the other Short Skill while the rest of the Pack carry out the full Order.
  • Since they activate with a single Order, all members of an Assault Pack generate one ARO only to enemies with LoF or in ZoC to them.
  • In Close Combat, only one of the Antipodes may make a CC Roll, but that one Antipode benefits from a MOD of +1 B and +1 Damage per other member of the Pack in base to base contact with the target, and in Engaged state.
  • The adversary can select any member of the Pack as a target, but only one of them.
  • During their Reactive Turn, each member of the Assault Pack that has an enemy declare or execute an Order in their LoF or ZoC may react in ARO. All eligible members of the Assault Pack must declare the same ARO and follow the Antipode rules for Order execution.
  • Each member of an Assault Pack must always be within the Zone of Control (ZoC) of another member of the same Pack that is not in a Null state. For example, in a three-strong Assault Pack, each member must always have at least one of the other two in their ZoC.
  • A member of a Pack who is outside the ZoC of other member enters the Immobilized-2 state at the end of the Order that happened. Place an Immobilized-2 Marker (IMM-2) beside the straggler's base. The Immobilized-2 state is canceled automatically at the end of any Order in which the isolated Antipode is within the ZoC of at least one other member of his Pack.
  • At the start of each Active Turn, if one of your Assault Packs has lost its Controller or at least one of its members (i.e.: they are Unconscious or Dead), or if the Control Device is Disabled, make a single WIP-3 Roll for the whole Pack.
  • If the Pack passes the WIP-3 Roll, it continues to act normally.
  • If the Pack fails the WIP-3 Roll, it enters the Retreat! state (place a Retreat! Marker beside it) and must attempt to retreat through the nearest edge of the play area. Members of an Assault Pack in this state cannot declare Skills other than Move or Dodge.

Antipodes and Suppressive Fire

If several members of an Assault Pack enter the LoF of a Trooper in the Suppressive Fire (SF) state, only one of them can be chosen as target by the enemy in SF.

Antipodes and Frenzy

Following the Frenzy rule, an Antipode becoming Impetuous will make all the other members of the Pack will become automatically Impetuous too.

The behavior of Antipodes is governed by a unique system of distributed intelligence that requires three members of the species to commune in order to form a fully cognizant individual. This ad hoc individual is an amalgam of the fragmentary personalities of its three Antipodes. Our standard protocols for IQ evaluation seem ill-fitted to determine the extent of these intelligences, and many consider this species to be less than sentient or rational. This outlook has become the philosophical basis for the Ariadnan treatment of Antipodes as beasts to be enslaved, trained, and forced to fight as Assault Packs, blitz units that harness the extraordinary physical capabilities of these beings by means of rudimentary radio-controlled implants that exacerbate their aggressive instincts.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.9, Jan 2020
Q: What effect does Isolated state have on troopers with the G: Synchronized, G: Servant or Antipode Special Skills?
A: None.
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