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  • Troopers cannot draw LoF through a Zero Visibility Zone.
  • Inside a Zero Visibility Zone, troopers can only declare Skills that do not require LoF or that require them to be in base to base contact with their target.
  • Any trooper who is the target of a BS Attack into or out of a Zero Visibility Zone, or whose LoF traverses a Zero Visibility Zone, may respond to the attacker even without LoF, provided the trooper is facing the attacker.
  • However, without a clear LoF to his target, the trooper's ARO (or second Short Skill of his Order in Active Turn) options are reduced to BS Attack with a -6 MOD or Dodge without the MOD.
  • This -6 BS MOD stacks with other MODs to BS from Special Skills, Equipment, Partial Cover, Range, etc., but never with other Visibility Zone MODs.
  • If the trooper is not facing the attacker, but the Attack is performed inside his Zone of Control, then the ARO can be Change Facing.

Visibility Zones and Speculative Fire

Speculative Fire whose LoF crosses a Visibility Zone (of any type) or part of it, need not apply the negative MOD for the Visibility Zone, only the -6 MOD for Speculative Fire.

Visibility MODs never stack with other Visibility MODs. If an area would be affected by two or more Visibility Zones of whatever type, apply only the most obscuring.

For example, if a Low Visibility Zone (-3 MOD) coincides with a Poor Visibility Zone (-6 MOD), treat that area as a Poor Visibility Zone. If two Poor Visibility Zones coincide, apply only one single -6 MOD.

Visibility Conditions and AD: Combat Jump

You cannot use AD: Combat Jump nor place the Landing Zone Template inside of, or in contact with, an area with Low, Poor, or Zero Visibility Conditions.

Zero Visibility Zone. Example 1: Multispectral Visor L2

In his Active Turn, Zakalwe, the Intruder, declares a BS Attack against Fusiliers Angus, Bipandra and Spencer, all of whom are on the other side of a Zero Visibility Zone (Zakalwe's Multispectral Visor L2 allows him to draw LoF through Zero Visibility Zones.)

Fusilier Spencer declares a BS Attack ARO, which means he must apply a -6 MOD to his Face to Face Roll against the Intruder. Spencer adds this Zero Visibility Zone MOD to all other MODs for Range, Partial Cover and the Intruder's CH: Camouflage Special Skill.

Fusilier Bipandra, thinking on her feet, declares a different ARO: Dodge. That way, she does not suffer the Zero Visibility Zone MOD nor, in fact, any other MODs in her Face to Face Roll against the Intruder.

Fusilier Angus had his back turned, and cannot declare an ARO. Being the target of that BS Attack would normally give him the right to ARO, but he cannot draw LoF to the Intruder even disregarding the Zero Visibility Zone, since he is not facing in the direction of the threat.

Meanwhile, Fusilier Silva, whose LoF to the Intruder is also obscured by the Zero Visibility Zone, cannot declare an ARO against the Intruder because she was not a target of his BS Attack.

Zero Visibility Zone. Example 2: Intuitive Attack

In his Active Turn, vicious Dāturazi Jedak, standing inside a Zero Visibility Zone, declares an Intuitive Attack with his Chain Rifle against good old Fusilier Angus, who is outside that Zero Visibility Zone.

Since an Intuitive Attack is a BS Attack, Jedak's target can react to his Entire Order. The clash is resolved with a Face to Face Roll because Angus reacts to Jedak declaring a BS Attack, even if the Dāturazi fails his own Roll and never gets to shoot.

If Angus' ARO was a BS Attack, he would suffer a -6 MOD to his Face to Face Roll. So, Angus decides to Dodge instead, and suffers a -3 MOD to his PH Attribute for trying to Dodge a Template Weapon without LoF to the attacker.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: Can I declare an Intuitive Attack against a troop that is neither Camouflaged nor inside a Zero Visibility Zone?
A: No.
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N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.6, Apr 2019
Q: A reactive trooper with Sixth Sense is inside Zero Visibility Zone. The active trooper moves into base contact with their first Short Skill and then declares a CC Attack. Can the reactive trooper declare a BS Attack?
A: No. The active trooper is only visible when they are in base contact. As BS Attacks cannot be declared while in base contact, the trooper with Sixth Sense cannot declare a BS Attack.
Related Pages: BS Attack, Sixth Sense, Zero Visibility Zone